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Name the country which receive the sun rise and sun set?

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April 23, 2013 5:20AM

Every country on earth sees the sun rise and set.

Almost all of them see it once every 24 hours.


Okay, the Freaking Normal Layman Person doesn't want to hear

what the

Freaking Scientific Person is trying to tell him.

-- The Earth is a spinning ball. The sun is always shining on

exactly 1/2 of it,

because there's no way for a light to shine on more than 1/2 of

a ball all at the

same time.

-- As the Earth turns, every point on it turns into the lighted

half for a while,

and then it turns into the dark half.

-- When the place you're at slides across the line into the

lighted half, you say

"Oh look at that! The sun rose, and it looks like it came up out

of the ground

east of me."

-- For the next several hours, the Earth turns you all the way

across the lighted half,

toward the dark half.

-- Sooner or later, you cross the line into the dark half, and

then you say "Oh look

at that! The sun has just set, and it looks like it sank into

the ground west of me."

-- It doesn't matter where on Earth you are. The same things

happen wherever you are,

as long as you're sitting on the spinning Earth.

-- There is no such thing as a place where the sun rises first,

and there is no such thing

as a place where the sun goes to set.

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