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Name the first battle in 1066?

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The Battle of Stamford Bridge was fought a few days before the Battle of Hastings.

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The first battle in 1066 was The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

The Battle of Hastings is the most famous battle of 1066, taking place on October 14, 1066. However, it wasn't the first battle of 1066. That distinction goes to the Battle of Fulford on September 20, 1066.

The first battle in 1066 was the Battle of Stamford Bridge

the battle of hastings was in 1066!1066

It was about six miles from Hastings at Senlac Hill.

there were two battles in 1066 one in : stamford bride and the other on selnc hill

THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS it was called the Battle Of Hastings and it was fought in Sussex in 1066 the second was called the battle of Stamford bridgeThe first battle of 1066 was that of Fulford, fought on September 20,1066, where King Harold III Hardrada's Norse invading Army, aided by Tostig, the half brother of King Harold of England, defeated the troops of Mercia and Northumbria led by the earls Edwin and Morcar.

the battle of hastings was one, the battle of Fulford and the battle of Stamford

Stamford bridge this is befor the battle of hastings

The name of the city near the battle was York. The name of the closest place to the Battle was Ricall.

The battle of Gate Fulford was near York.

Well, at first there was a battle near York against the Danish. then the British army went south and fought the main battle of 1066 against the French near the town of Hastings.

after the Battle of Hastings in 1066

in 1066 after the battle of world war 1

The Battle of Stamford Bridge was on 25 September 1066 and was an English victory. The Battle of Hastings was on 14 October 1066 and was a Norman victory which resulted in the death of Harold II and made King William I the first Norman ruler of England.

The year 1066 was famous for the battle of Hastings and the battle of Stamford bridge.

Winning the battle of hastings in 1066 established William I as the first Norman King of England.

Because 1066 was the year of the battle of Hastings. It was the year that we had what is called our first English King, William the conqueror.

After the battle of Hastings (SAXONS VERSUS ENGLAND) in 1066.

It was the battle of Hastings in 1066 and it made him king.

The first battle in 1066 was the "Battle of Stamford Bridge", between Harold Godwinson and Harold Hardrada, a Viking invader. Harold Godwinson won the battle and then marched south with his army to meet William Duke of Normandy in the famous The second was the "Battle of Hastings". William triumphed in the battle and he was later that year, on Christmas day 1066, crowded King of England.

no it was not it was in a different year around 1066

1066 1066 it was the normans time.

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