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Name the first spaceship to go to space?

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The First Spaceship to go in space was the vostok 1 by the Russians.

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How do go alien on space?

by spaceship

What moves faster a spaceship or a space station?

A space station only has to go fast enough to achieve orbit. A spaceship has to go fast enough to break out of orbit and get where it is going. So, a spaceship.

Why the astronaut go to space?

To find his spaceship

What was the name of the first monkey to go into space?

The name of the first monkey to go into space was Albert II.

What is your my space password?

go on that hover board then go to the spaceship and do 56/52 then you blast off into space

How to get Deoxys in Pokemon?

go to the space center and dnter the spaceship

How do astronaut reach outer space today?

They go to outer space in a spaceship today.

Why did the spaceship chalenger go into space?

Spaceship challenger went into space about 8 times total before its unfortunate accident. Most of the time it was to launch a new satellite or walk in space and study.

Why spaceship is made?

A spaceship is made to be able to handle the temperature, bearings, and involving of space. They are made to go into space to learn more about it and to use the information we have, to learn more.

Can a tree go in space?

Technically speaking you could send a potted tree inside a spaceship into space, however if you took it outside the spaceship it could not survive as there is no oxygen on the moon or in space in general that we know of.

What space ship did valentina tereshkova go on?

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go in to space. She was 26 years old when we went in the spaceship Vostok 6 capsule. Her launch was June 16, 1963.

Translate you will go into space in a spaceship into Irish?

Rachaidh tú go dtí an spás i spásárthach

Which was the first living creatureto go to space?

the first living creature to go to space was a dog, its name is laika.

If there was a spaceship in space how would it get rid of the garbage?

Well ii would suck it up back inside of the spaceship then go back to earth a go put it in the dumpster.

What was the name of a Russian spaceship?

("If you mean the first one launched, It was named "Sputnik 1".) Here we go again... NO It Wasn't! The first Spacecraft with a human to go into space was the Russian Satellite called 'Vostok', or 'Vostok 3KA'. 'Sputink', is the Russian word for 'Satellite', it was NOT the Name of the spacecraft. imagine if every Russian called 'Apollo 18' ... 'Satilite' with a heavy russian accent... DRrr Not. Now to address the question, name of a russian spaceship? there are many...

Is there a guide to getting jirachi on Pokemon sapphire?

to catch jirachi you have to catch 200 pokeomn first. then go to the mosdeep space center and talk to the man at the window. hell say somthing like the spaceship is launching. go onto the spaceship and then you will battle jirachi.

What movie has spaceship go around your galaxy to eath future to take care of children aboard the spaceship?

This has to be Lost in Space met William Hurt.

Can people go to moon?

As long as they're wearing a space suit and if they ride a spaceship, yes.

On Astro Knights Island if you leave space to go to Arturus where is your spaceship?

If you land on earth with your space ship, it will be on top of the castle waiting for you!

Once you leave astroknights island can you go back in space?

yes you can get back into space your spaceship should always be on top of the castle

What was the name of the first space buggy to go into space?

it was called moon buggy. no joke

Where do you go after you are back from space on Astro Knights Island?

Your spaceship parks on top of the castle. You can come and go from Main Street.

Whats the name of the first mammal to go into space?

a dog

What is the name of the First Lady to go in space?

No wife of a US President has yet gone into space.

What was the dogs name who went into space with neil Armstrong?

The first dog to go into space was Laika.

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