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Name the property 5x3 equals 3x5?

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Commutivity of multiplication or the commutative property of multiplication.

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A factor

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What is a generalization for 3x5 equals 5x3?

The generalisation is that multiplication is Abelian (or commutative) for numbers.

What times what equal 15?

1x15 3x5 5x3 15x1

What number can you multiply together to equal 15?

All of them. 1x15,2x7.5, 3x5, 4x3.75, 5x3...

What is thr greatest common factor of 15 and 75?

since 15 = 3x5 and 75 = 3x5x5 H.C.F = 5X3 = 15 !

What is four fifths plus one third making the denominator the same?

seventeen over fifteen because the common denominator of 5 and 3 is 15 think about it like this: 4/5x3, 4x3=12, 5x3=15 1/3x5, 1x5=5, 3x5=15 so you get 12/15+5/15 see how they simplify back? then add the numerators and keep the denominator and you get 17/15 or 1 and 2/15

What is 3x - 2 equals 13?

If you're asking what x equals, it equals 5 because 5x3=15, and 15-2=13.

3 5 mins 1 3 simplify to the lowest terms?

3/5 - 1/3 = (3x3)/(5x3) - (1x5)/(3x5) = 9/15 - 5/15 = 4/15

How do you find the missing term in a problem like for example 5X3 plus 5X equals 5X times?

Since 5x is a factor of both terms, divide it. 5x3 + 5x = 5x(x2 + 1)

What is the answer to 5x3 equals 45x?

5x3 = 45x Divide both sides by 5: x3 = 9x Divide both sides by x: x2 = 9 Square root both sides: x = 3

What does each number means 5x3 equals 15?

look its one of the easiest questions I've ever heard 5x3 is 15 for god sake anybody who dosent know that there one of the dummest person in the world!

Is y equals 5x3 plus 6 linear?

y = 5x3 + 6 is a cubic equation, not a linear equation. Linear equations contain only terms of degree 0 (i.e. constants) and terms of degree 1.

How many cm is 5X3?

None. 5x3 is a pure number, not a length.

How does knowing that 5x5 equals 25 help you find the answer to 5x0.5?

Because the answer to 5x0.5 is 2.5 as the answer to 5x0.3 is 1.5 and 5x3 is 15.

Can you find the prime factorization of 40?

15 5x3 prime factorization: 5x3

Is 7 a solution of 5x-3 equals 12?

No. x=3. (5x3 is 15 or 5x =15-3=12)

What is y equals 5x3 plus 5?

y = 5x3 + 5 is a cubic equation. You cannot solve for x (or y), because there are two variables and only one equation. If you graph this, however, you will see a curve that passes through all possible points that make this equality true.

How do you solve for x if the question is 5x cubed equals 320?

5x3 = 320 x3 = 320/5 = 64 So x = cuberoot(64) = 4

What is 2x6 5x3 - 7x4?

An expression. It can be factored out slightly too: 2x6 + 5x3 - 7x4 = x3(2x3 - 7x + 5)

What is the easiest way to understand disteibutive property in math?

If you meant the distributive property of mutiplication over addition.Example:5x(4+3)=35 or (5x4)+(5x3)=35. In general, for any numbers,a,b, and c this is true a(b + c)=a x b+a x c.

What is the base exponent and value of -5x3?

Coefficient -5. Base: x. exponent: 3. Value: depends on the value of x. or Base: (-5)1/3x, exponent: 3

What is 3x4 plus 5x3 plus x2 - 5 divided by x 2?

3x4 plus 5x3 plus x2 - 5 divided by x 2 =[(3x4) + (5x3) + (x2 - 5)]/x2 =(12 + 15 + x2 -5)/x2 =(27 - 5 + x2)/x2 =(22 + x2)/x2

How do you factor 5x cubed minus 3x squared plus 2x equals 0?

5x3 - 3x2 + 2x = x*(5x2 - 3x + 2) The quadratic has no real factors.

What is the gcd of 75 and 90?

GCD is greatest common divisor.we will write numbers in the form of their multiples.so 75=5x5x390=5x3x3x2so we have (5x3) common in both. so the ans is 5x3=15 :-)

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