Name traditional lebanese foods?

Cuisine from the Middle East is known worldwide for its richness and goodness. In Lebanon, it is probably the best country to enjoy it, since it is believed that one thing that unites all Lebanese is the love of eating...

Lebanese food is typically Mediterranean. The average meal is high on vegetables, low on meat and big on flavor. A meal usually starts with a mezze, a selection of small portions of dips, pickles, salads and nibbles eaten with the Arabic bread called Khibbiz. Mezze items can include anything from starters to pastries. Salads include Fattoush and Tabbouleh. The main course is generally grilled meat, chicken or fish, eaten with bread or spiced rice and the leftovers of the mezze. In fact, the mezze are appetizers that can make a whole meal out of them.

Meals are generally accompanied by wine or arak, a powerful Lebanese aniseed liquor. Lebanon is rich with grapes that are high in sugar content and perfect for wine production thanks to the natural climate of the Bekaa valley. There are several wine producers: Ksara, Kefraya, Chateau Musar, Chateau Marsyas and Massaya. Desserts include many different variations of sweets such as Baklawa, Knefeh, Maamoul... as well as a lot of fruits.

At the end of the meals, Ahweh, black coffee, is generally offered. It is served Turkish style, that means extra strong with grounds at the bottom of the cup, and hot tea is also a popular drink.

Sahtein! Bon Appetit!