Name two dangerous jobs best done by robots?

A number of companies and universities are working on robot technology that's designed to either save lives or make life easier. Some are robots designed to perform jobs that are dangerous for humans, such as mine-clearance work.
Bomb Buster:
The Mini-Andros is used by bomb squads across the country to locate and dispose of bombs. Roughly three feet long, the Mini-Andros looks something like a small armored tank, with eight wheels on four "legs" that can be extended for climbing stairs. Its moveable arm can lift objects weighing up to 15 pounds and place them in bomb-proof boxes. Detachable accessories enable the Mini-Andros to break windows, see in the dark, and to defuse or detonate bombs directly, either by blasting them with water, firing at them with a shotgun, or by placing other, smaller bombs nearby.
Robots also venture into dangerously polluted environments, such as chemical spills and radioactive "hot zones" in nuclear power plants. Robug III is a spider-like robot specially designed to explore areas where extreme radiation would quickly kill a human. The need for a robot like Robug III was made clear during the Chernobyl accident in 1986. An explosion and fire ripped apart a nuclear reactor and released dangerous radioactive material into the air, making rescue and containment work nearly impossible.