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"Eugene" is a name that meets these requirements.

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Q: Name with 6 letters and 4 are vowels The first letter and last letter are the same vowel three of the vowels are the same and the last 4 letters form a common name?
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Who develop the vowel letters?

The Akkadian alphabet was the first to have vowels, before that all letters were consenants-Hebrew for a long time had no vowels.

How many ways can the letters in FACTOR be arranged so that the first and last letters are vowels?


First two letters of the alphabet?

The English alphabet is composed of the vowels (a e i o u) with the rest of the alphabet consisting of consonants.The letter Y is sometimes used as a vowel and sometimes as a consonant.

What does acronym refer to?

An acronym is a group of letters, each of which is the first letter of a word in a common phrase.

Do the Greek and Hebrew alphabets have letters for vowels?

Greek has letters for consonants and vowels, and is the first writing system to have both.The Hebrew alphabet only has consonants, and originally had no way of writing vowels. A system for indicating vowels using dots and dashes was developed in the 10th century and is used today in some books, particularly prayer books, poetry books, and children's books. But most publications do not include vowels.

What is the next letter in sequence AZEBIYO?

The next two letters are likely C & U. There are at least 2 patterns in these letters. FIrst is the list of vowels that make up every other letter. Then the letters alternate from the ends of the alphabet. If there is a Z, a B, then a Y, then C would likely be next, and then X. But there would be whatever vowel in sequence next.

What is the Greek aphabet?

Its an alphabet that is Greek. It has 24 letters. Its an evolution of the Phoenician alphabet and a predecessor of the Latin alphabet. It was the first to have strictly only vowels and consonants as letters.

What is the consumerism era?

Enjoy it . First know what's consumerism. It's a word made of 11 letters which have 4 vowels & 7 conso .& era is a word with 2 vowels & a conso. By Prabhat

Is method vowel consonant consonant vowel or vowel consonant?

In the word "method", the first, third, fourth and sixth letters are consonants; while the second and fifth letters are vowels.