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There are numerous types of aircraft that are used for personal, business, and military activities. Some of them include the Boeing 747, the F-15, the C-130, and the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

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What are the names of aircrafts that fly in stratosphere?


What are names of modern aircrafts and how were they were used?


Aircraft designed primarily for attacking other aircrafts?

They are called Fighters. Other names are interceptors or pursuit aircraft.

What is a group of aircrafts called?

A group of aircrafts are called a Formation or Flight.

What materials is used in aircrafts?

Steel, Aluminium and Titanium alloys are used in aircrafts.

What is the math behind aircrafts?

The math behind aircrafts is very complex gemoetry and physics.

Total numbers of aircrafts in the world?

There are about 312000 aircraft's in the world and out of them 17700 are passenger carrier aircrafts

How much are gulfstream aircrafts?

Most Gulfstream Aircrafts range in price from 37 million to 62 million for new aircrafts, however if you would like a pre-owned aircraft it is considerably cheaper.

Types of aircrafts?


How air resistance is useful?

It is useful to stop aircrafts when they land as air brakes and parachutes are used to stop the aircrafts

How many planes does air canada have?

204 airplanes. Here are all the types: - Airbus A319-100 - Total of aircrafts is 37 - Airbus A320-200 - Total of aircrafts is 41 - Airbus A321-200 - Total of aircrafts is 10 - Airbus A330-300 - Total of aircrafts is 8 - Boeing 767-300ER - Total of aircrafts is 30 - Boeing 777- 200LR - Total of aircrafts is 6 - Boeing 777-300ER - Total of aircrafts is 12 - Boeing 787-8 - Entry into service is 2014, replacing the Boeing 767-300ER - Boeing 787-9 - Entry into service is 2015, replacing the Boeing 767-300ER - Embraer 175 - Total of aircrafts is 15 -- To be transfered to and operated by Sky Regional Airlines by June 2013 - Embraer 190 - Total of aircrafts is 45

Do some air china aircrafts fly to Chicago?

only 10% of air china aircrafts fly to Chicago airport

How are aircrafts and fast cars streamlined?

aircrafts and fast cars are streamlined so that the air flows over them more easily

Who makes the best aircrafts?


What is an aircrafts body called?


Where are aircrafts kept?

In hangars in airports.

What are the names of some jet fighter aircraft?

There are many types of jet fighter aircrafts. Some names for these fighter jets are SR-71 Blackhawk, Hornet F-18, F-22 Raptor and the stealth F-35 fighter jet.

How many aircrafts for Kuwait Airways?


Products in which titanium is used?

Automobiles, aircrafts

What are aircrafts made from?

what are air crafts made from

What device tracks aircrafts in the sky?

a radar

What has disappeared in the Bermuda triangle?

Ships and aircrafts

Total number of aircrafts in India?


How many aircrafts does united airlines have?


What are the uses for duralumin?

They make aircrafts and ships from it

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