Names of the knights of the round table?

there were 25 in total at the table here r the names: kyng Author, Sir Galahallt, Sir Launcelot Deulake,Sir Gauen,Sir Percyvale,Sir Lyonell,Sir Trystram Delyens,Sir Garethe,Sir Bedwere,Sir Blubrys,Sir Lacotemale Tayle,Sir Lucane,Sir Plomyde,Sir Lamorak,Sir Bors De Ganys,Sir Safer,Sir Pelleus,Sir Kay,Sir Ectorde Marys,Sir Dagonet,
Sir Degore,Sir Brumear,Sir Lybyus Dysconyus,Sir Alynore,Sir Mordrede.. now these may look like there spelled wrong but there not its just written in an older laungege making it weird if you want the transe lation or :) them spell in common laungeg send me a text telling me so