Napoleon as greatest reformers in the world how?

Well he revolutionized how war was waged, troop tactics and brought a focus to artillery, code napoleon "As a result of the Napoleonic conquests, the Code Napoleon was introduced into a number of European countries, notably Belgium, where it is still in force. It also became the model for the civil codes of Quebec Province, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, some Latin American republics, and the state of Louisiana." (Encarta Encyclopedia.Code Napoleon). he brought the ideals of the revolution to other countries and ended slavery in europe, and he also brought efficiency to administration in france, made cars drive on the right side of the road, nationally adopted the metric system, and brought meritocracy in place of patronage or seniority.

His nephew, Napoleon III, emperor of the sencond empire did way more to focus on reforms, he made france an industial giant from which it spang up as a prominent europeon power. He also rebuilt paris and it became the capital of europe again.