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on average 5 million litres of petrol for a 1 year voyage

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Does overdrive increase fuel consumption?

No, fuel consumption is decreased, the vehicle rev's lower.

What is the hourly fuel consumption of a DPT rig?

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What causes high vehicle fuel consumption?

open manifold.

What causes excess fuel consumption in heavy vehicles?

When the vehicle weighs more, the engine has to exert more effort to move the vehicle than it would moving a smaller vehicle the same distance. The extra effort comes from the incresed fuel consumption.

Is there a calculator that can calculate my fuel consumption?

Yes, if you visit the EPA homepage, they have a basic fuel consumption calculator. You can also contact the manufacturer of your vehicle for the EPA estimates.

What has the author R N Knauber written?

R. N. Knauber has written: 'Computer program for post-flight analysis of rigid body moments acting on a launch vehicle first stage' -- subject(s): Launch vehicles (Astronautics), Aerodynamics, Computer programs 'Computer program for prediction of fuel consumption statistical data for an upper stage three-axes stabilized on-off control system' -- subject(s): Fuel consumption, Control systems, Space vehicles, Launch vehicles (Astronautics) 'Computer program for post-flight evaluation of a launch vehicle upper-stage on-off reaction control system' -- subject(s): Control systems, Space vehicles, Launch vehicles (Astronautics)

What is the fuel consumption for a landcruiser 100 series?

The fuel consumption for a Landcruiser 100 Series can vary by vehicle but it seems the average fuel consumption is 16.7 Liters per 100kms and/or 13.88 Liters per 100kms and also depending on the road and speed.

What is the fuel consumption for toyota spacio xg edition?

Fuel consumption for the Toyota Spacio XG Edition is approximately 35 miles per gallon. It is a seven passenger vehicle.

What is the gas mileage on the highway for a Metro Honda?

Fuel consumption varies from vehicle to vehicle and for some the fuel consumption is an important factor when buy a new or second hand vehicle. The Metro Honda gas mileage on a highway is stated on one website as roughly 29/41 mpg.

What is a good fuel consumption calculator? offers a calculator which will allow you to calculate your fuel consumption. The calculator takes into account such factors as starting location, destination, and vehicle make and model.

What make an automobile consumes more fuel?

Fuel use is an ongoing expense and should be considered when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. The Fuel Consumption Guide, published annually by Natural Resources Canada, provides model-specific estimated fuel consumption information on new light-duty vehicles sold in Canada each model year. The information can be used to compare the fuel consumption of different models and help you to select the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your everyday needs. Choosing the most fuel-efficient and appropriate size of vehicle, driving in a fuel-efficient manner, using your vehicle only when needed and following the manufacturer's operation and maintenance recommendations for your vehicle can save you fuel and money, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

How does the shape of a vehicle affect its fuel consumption?

The more aerodynamic, sleek and light it is the more efficient it will be.

What is the daily fuel consumed on a ten hour drive each day?

It would depend on what, how and where you are driving. Fuel consumption depends on the size of the engine, the size of the vehicle, maintenance and other factors. Small cars would have much less fuel consumption than half-ton pick-up trucks. If you drive even an hour each day, the difference in fuel consumption between a fuel efficient vehicle and one that is not would make a noticeable difference in the amount spent on fuel. In order to know approximately how much fuel your vehicle uses, check the owner's manual.

How far does one liter of petrol get you in kilometres?

Depends entirely on the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and speed of travel.

What causes high fuel consumption in a diesel engine?

There are several causes for high fuel consumption in a diesel engine. These include a difference in the weight of the vehicle, increased usage of air conditioning, and a difference in tire pressure.

Does oxygen only exist as gas?

No, in the rockets that NASA uses to launch vehicles into space they use liquid oxygen, as well as liquid hydrogen as rocket fuel.

What has the author Richard Stone written?

Richard Stone has written: 'Motor vehicle fuel economy' -- subject(s): Fuel consumption, Motor vehicles

How many liters of petrol is needed for 200 km?

The number of litres depends entirely on the fuel consumption of the vehicle !

How many gallons of gas to travel 274 if gas is 3.97?

Fuel consumption of a vehicle does not depend directly on its price!

What is the average fuel consumption of the 2006 Honda Accord?

The average fuel consumption of the 2006 Honda Accord is 10 km per liter of fuel. This includes in calculation the fuel consumption in crowded areas and the fuel consumption in regular areas.

Does driving with all lights on increase fuel consumption?

No it does not affect fuel consumption.

How much will old oil increase fuel consumption?

It will not increase fuel consumption.

What is the average fuel consumption level of a 1966 Chevelle?

The average fuel consumption level of a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle varies depending on the speed at which the vehicle is travelling. The fuel consumption at constant speeds on top gear on flat concrete range from 17.7 l/100km at 50 mph to 27.5 l/100 km at 112 mph.

How many gallons will you use to travel 1300 miles?

Without knowing the expected fuel consumption of the vehicle, the question is invalid.

How many gallons of gas used for 1160 miles?

That depends exclusively on what vehicle you're using - and what it's fuel consumption is !

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