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You need to contact your local DWP authority or HM revenue office and fill out an application form to get a replacement card. You are only allowed ONE replacement card. See :

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You should have been given a proof of insurance card from your insurance company. Call them for it and if necessary present it to the judge, that should clear the matter up.

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Some police will be nice and give you 24-48 hours to go home and get it and brinf it to the station. But they dont have to give you anything.. they can just charge you for driving without insurance. you can prove it to be untrue of coarse but its a pain

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That will depend on where you live. In Alberta we have private insurance companies and no it is not a part of our job to notify motor vehicles if your policy is cancelled or lapsed. You do need the pink card to renew your registration though.

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No, since you dont use the card, you dont have any charges made to the card, you owe the bank/card issuer nothing, you dont have to pay anything except for an annual fees which is included in the credit card statement/bill

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If you've typed in your credit card number, depending on how trusted the company is it will or will not charge you. If you were smart, you wouldn't type in your credit card number on any website.

Yes these companies do get caught. Nobody seems to know anything about National Credit Card SVC. Its existence just started evidently. Report the situation to Consumer Complaints Service and you will get results.

You can get a car insurance unless you will buy a car.

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