Need a thought on child abuse?

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Child abuse hurts.

Abuse is abuse.

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I went through child abuse myself and I can say that my thought of it is not nice. It is painful and traumatizing
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Q: Need a thought on child abuse?
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Was Bobby Goldsboro ever arrested?

I always thought he was for child abuse.

Do you need scars cuts and bruises for it to be child abuse?

Any type of ill treatment of a child is abuse.

Is child abuse psychological?

Yes and no. Child abuse can take many forms. But the result, or the impact it has on the child, is emotional and psychological. The forms child abuse can take are emotional child abuse, psychological child abuse (also referred to as mental child abuse), and physical child abuse.

What is a counter argument for child abuse?

"Child abuse" is not a proposition; it's a topic for discussion. You need to state exactly what proposition you are arguing for or agaist.

Can a child choose to live with their grandparents if they have child abuse?

No, they must file a child in need of care motion with the court.

What is your thought on anmial abuse?

My thought on animal abuse is that it is wrong. It is cruel and morally wrong. Some people treat their pets like family, that is fine, but then there are people who beat their pets for the smallest thing or even for fun. That would be the same thing as child abuse. Do people think it is ok to starve or beat a child? No, so i believe that it is not ok to beat/abuse an animal.

Is kicking your child abuse?

Physically attacking a child is abuse.

How do you spell child abuse?

That is the correct spelling for "child abuse."

What books can prevent child abuse?

Some of the books that are helpful in preventing child abuse are "Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect", "Child Abuse: Implications for Child Development and Psychopathology (Development Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry)", and "Child Abuse and Culture: Working with Diverse Families".

How do you deal with child abuse?

If you know about a kid who is abused you need to tell somebody. Child abuse is a terrible thing and doing nothing about it will lead to more serious problems

Can a homeless mother be charged with child abuse in CA?

No not with child abuse, but child endangerment. She will be charged with abuse if she abuses her child! (i am a law enforcement officer)

Is child abuse considered a social issue?

Child abuse is a epedemic

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