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this here can be tricky, if you steering wheel tilt stoped working all together, there are two motors, one for up and down, and one for in and out. they are under the dash. under the steerign column. however since you also complain about having the seats not work sometime, i presume the cause would be a bad seat module, the seat module controls the seat movements as well as the steerign column movemnets and memory for both, the module itself are the buttons on the drives front seat. the buttons you move when adjusting drivers seat, that's the module. there is a bulletin pertaining to this problem, and you must have sw10 or higher, and the steering column motors may also be defective, since coding is involved with modules, i sudjest taking the car to the dealer.

Before taking the car to the stealership, check out There you will find that the most likely cause is that the connector to the control that moves the seat back-forward is loose. Just detach it using the built-in latch mechanism, then reinsert it and close the latch. You'll find "How To's" on the web site.

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Q: Need help w99740i Stering wheel tilt stoped working and seat adjustments on the driver side simotaneously All fuse front and back seem OK What else should you check?
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