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John's a dumbazz. 10mm socket for the tensioner and 15mm wrench to loosen the pulley on the top right side of engine by the electrical auxiliary fan. Loosen the puuley 1st then the tensioner to get enough play to slip off old one and do reverse for the new one. EZ $$$ remove airbox, loosen the Power Steering pump, draw a diagram of how the belt is on there, remove old one and install new one. tension it and tighten bolts, in all about a 10 minute job. john

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โˆ™ 2009-07-02 15:40:59
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Q: Need insight on changing the serpentine belt of a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4dr 4X4 Sport with a 4 Liter engine and automatic transmission?
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What does a automatic transmission modulator do?

keep it from changing on time

Will a 1994 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 transmission fit in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 2 wheel drive?

Not without disassembling the transmission and changing the rear half of the case.Not without disassembling the transmission and changing the rear half of the case.

Can an automatic transmission be easily swapped by a manual transmission on a 1986 Jeep Cherokee?

Changing an automatic to a manual transmission involves a lot of work. First, the brake pedal must be changed to a manual brake/clutch installation. Additionally, a separate bell housing, clutch mechanism, shifter and linkage are required.

Automatic transmission sticking?

Try changing the fluid and filter.

Why does engine tilt when changing gears in automatic transmission?

Broken motor mount

Why is my automatic transmission not changing gears?

Check fluid level Change fluid and filter Bring to a transmission shop

Why does my 1995 tracker with automatic transmission not upshift till it gets hot?

Try changing transmission fluid and filter

Where is the drain plug on the o4 Pontiac grand am transmission?

There is no drain plug assuming it is an automatic transmission it is drained when removing the transmission pan and changing the transmission filter.

How much automatic transmission fluid do you put in when changing it?

Depends on how many Cylinders on the car?

Why does an automatic transmission jerk while changing gears?

The "lockup torque converter" could be engaging too soon. Take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed.

Transmission Service Repair?

form_title=Find a Transmission Service Repair form_header=If you're having trouble changing gears, have your vehicle's transmission inspected and repaired. When was your transmission last serviced?=_ Is there any slipping or grinding while driving?= () Yes () No What kind of vehicle do you have?=_ Is it an automatic or manual?= () Automatic () Manual

How can i indicate that the flued of automatic transmission is need to be replace?

Pull the transmission dipstick, smell the fluid and notice the color. If the fluid is brown and smells burnt, it needs changing.

Why will an Achieva automatic transmission stop changing gears if the fluid level is normal?

There are many reasons. Take it to a trans shop.

What would cause shifting problems in a 1990 automatic Ford 150 van?

Try changing the transmission fluid and filter

What does inhibitor switch do?

Inhibitor switch reduces engine power to avoid shock while automatic transmission changing gears

Whats involved in changing a Automatic transmission to manual?

If youre changing over a Taurus and its not an SHO then you will have to swap out the entire engine. SHOs were the only ones offered with stick and the manual transmission will not bolt up to a regular Taurus's engine.

Is there an adapter you can use to mount a clutch type flywheel to an automatic crankshaft end Is there anything you can do beside changing the crank?

For most engines there is no need to change the crankshaft to use an engine for an automatic or a manual transmission. For an automatic, connect a flex-plate to the crankshaft. For a manual transmission connect a flywheel.

What causes the transmission to slip in your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Try changing you oil and if that does not help you will need to rebuild the tranny or replace it.

What fluids need changing on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Power steering fluid, transmission fluid and filter, cooling system.

What is the mileage for changing your transmission oil for a 1999 Jeep grand Cherokee?

I recommend you have the A/T fluid changed every 36,000 miles.

When changing the automatic transmission in a 1990 Accord is it easier to remove the engine and transmission as a unit How long does it take for an experienced mechanic to remove and install one?

Only the transmission needs to be removed. One day.

Where and how change transmission fluid in l997 Izuzu - Automatic-4-wheel and how many miles?

On my 2000 automatic 4WD, I have to drop the pan to change it. It is designed as a sealed transmission and is not supposed to need changing all that often.

When changing the transmission fluid on a 97 Hyundai elantra automatic how much tork you need to put on the bolts of the transmission pan?

Torque specifications for automatic transaxle: fluid pan bolts 84-96 in-lbs ( 9.4-10.8 Nm )

When i put my car into drives it makes a clunk noise?

I'm going to assume its an automatic transmission. Is the millage higher than 50,000? If so try changing the transmission fluid.

When changing the serpentine belt how do you release the automatic tensioner for a 2002 Subaru Outback3.0L?

it is spring loaded there is no release it has to be held long handle ratchet Thanks car is good to go