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Why some appliances do not need earthing?

Some items are double insulated, thus they do not require earthing.

What is the difference between chemical earthing and conventional earthing?

Chemical Earthing and Conventional Earthing are different types of earthing techniques. Conventional Earthing is based on plate earthing and pipe type earthing but Chemical Earthing on GI or Copper.

What are the types of electrical earthing with respect to Electrodes?

Electrical earthing is classified into many types as Neutral earthing Body earthing Pipe earthing Plate earthing Chemical earthing Ground Compound Earthing

What is earthing of Chrysler voyager?


How much salt and charcoal need for earthing?

For earthing pipe of 40mm dai & 3 mtr. Long required 5 kg. Of salt & 6.5 kg of charcoal. This type of earthing is done for distribution transformers of various rating.

What is the difference between earthing boss and earthing lug and where to use?

An earthing boss and earthing lug are parts of a grounding connection. An earthing boss is in a casting that allows for the drilling and tapping of hole. A earthing lug is used to bond a wire to the ground.

What is system earthing and equipment earthing?

System Earthing is the earthing associated with current carrying conductor & is essential for the security of the system. Equipment Earthing is the earthing associated with non-current carrying metal work & is essential for the security of human life and property.

Which earthing better chemical earthing or salt and charcoal earthing?

Of course chemical earthing. It is maintenance free that means no need to pour regular water as in charcoal and salt method. It has long life. CE maintains its value through out its self life if properly done and good back fill compound is used.

How do you measure earthing using multimeter?

only earthing can not be measure. Anyone can only measures the voltage and the current with respect to the earthing .Thus it is impossible to measure the earthing.

What is lugs earthing?

it is also same as earthing lugs,there is no differenence earthing lugs ang lugs earthings.

How do you know if you need a surge arrester?

1. If there is fluctuation in electricity and you are using manual stabilizer. 2. If there is improper earthing or earth leakage. 3. If you are using d,ble earthing.

What is plate earthing procedure?

describe the plate earthing procedure

How many earthing are required to install transformer?

Four number earthing are essential for installation of transformer as under : 1) Two earthing for transformer body. 2) Two earthing for Neutral Point. Note : Numbers of earthing may be increase as per the client requirement.

How many types of earthing methods are there?

There are three types of earthing systems.

What is earthing of electric motor?

Type your answer here... earthing of electric motor is earthing of the electric motor which means to earth the motor that's electric

What is earthing transformer?

An earthing transformer provides a neutral in a delta connected system.

How does an earthing transformer work?

an earthing tfr is mostly delta- zigzag wound

Does earthing wire carry current?

The earthing wire does not normally carry current.

What all the chemical used in chemical earthing?

Sulfuric acid is used in chemical earthing

What is the need of an earthing system?

Earthing system is essential for every electrical system because whenever any fault occurs in a system then there will be the fault current. This fault current may higher in Amplitude. So this fault current may damage the System elements or any devices associated with the system. So as to by pass this fault current to earth we need earthing. And the earthing line will have least resistance as much as possible. Because the current will prefer least resistance path than a higher resistance path. If fault occurs then the current will flow the least resistance path( Earthing line) and reaches the ground resulting in no damage to the devices

What is meaning of Earthing and types of earthing?

Earthing is the process of grounding electricity. There are numerous methods employed including static, equipment, system, lightning, electronic and maintenance groundings.

Why is the earthing switch in open position?

While earthing switch is open means the circuit is live

Why do i feel electricity in my flat?

Check the earthing circuit. Inproper or in complete earthing could be the reason.

Why is earthing needed in electrical system?

earthing is a safety feature in an electrical system. Earthing provides a quick, easy & safe path for curent if there is a short circuit, leakage in an electrical system.

What are the different earthing schemes?

According to IEC terminology, there are 3 typesof earthing schemes. they are TN, TT and IT.