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Granted this question was asked years ago, it should be noted that it would have been impossible to say what the weather would have been on that day given that you did not provide a location.

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Is October the 9th month?

No, it is the 10th Month.

Is October the 11th month?

No, October is the 10th month.

Is October the 7th month?

No, it is the 10th month. The 7th month is July.

When is Carrie Underwood getting married?

Well there's not really a date yet, but pretty soon there will be?July 10th

What is the ordinal number for the month of October?


Which is the 10th month of the year?


Why is December the 10th month?

Where I come from December is the 12th month. uh huh

Is October the 10th month?

October is indeed the tenth month of the calendar year.

What is the ordinal number for the month of O October?


Why does October have 'oct' in it?

10th month

Weather when the titanic launched?

it Set sail on April 10th

What are two holidays that the Islam celebration?

1. Eid-ul-Ftr. !st of Shawal, 10th month 2. 10th of Zil hajja. Lazt month of islamic calendar

What is the major holidays in Islam?

I. The First day of Shawal (10th month of Ialamic calendar) - Eid-ul-Fitr. Just a day after the month of ramazan. 2. The 10th day of Zil Hajja - the last month of Islamic calendar.

What month did the titanic sail?

Wednesday April 10th 1912

What month was Nancy Morgan Hart born?

March 10th

In what month did graham bell invent the telephone?

March 10th

How much is the monthly payment for Lord of the Rings Online?

It is $10 or $15 each month. A single month costs $15, and will be charged every month on the date you started it (ex: June 10th, July 10th, August 10th). The "three month" package costs $30, therefore $10 a month, and will be charged every 3 months on the date you started (ex: January 1st, April 1st, etc.)

What will weather be like in UK on Saturday 10th April?

it will be raining!! i think

Is Trace Adkins married?

Yes, he is married to Rhonda Forlaw, they just celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Was sir Francis Bacon single or married?

Married to Alice Barnham, 10th May 1606

Matriculation 10th 2007-2008 results?

at the end of this month

When did Joshua cross the Jordan River?

on the 10th day of the first month

Will anyone do a 10th prestiege lobby for 2 people for a 1 month?


When is bcom results of osmania university?

on 10th of this month i.e. June2009.

What date did Edward VII get married?

On the 10th of March 1863.