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It also says J. Stevens tool co.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-22 14:23:46
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Q: Need to know the year made and current value of a J Stevens pistol 22 cal with 6 inch blued steel break top Serial numbers 38937?
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What year was the Stevens pocket pistol serial number 39908?

Stevens was in business from 1864-1950. They did not have a "pocket pistol" model, but DID make a "pocket rifle" model from 1869-1916. Am aware of no specific production data based on serial numbers.

Where are the serial numbers on a duramatic pistol?


What year was a Stevens model 35 offhand pistol made serial number 35540?

The stevens Model 35 offhand shotgun(even though it is listed as a pistol) was made during the years 1923-1935 in .410 gauge.I do not have a model production breakdown by years with serial numbers though.Maybe savage/stevens might have more info at the savage arms web site?It would be worth a try.

How does the serial serial numbers run on colt 25 cal semi auto pistol?


Where are serial and model numbers on Taurus semiautomatic pistol?

Check the receiver and barrel

How do you find date of manufacture of a hi-standard pistol?

Buy one of the books that has published serial numbers for that particular pistol.

What would the approximate age of a Colt pistol with serial number 200226 be?

You can look up serial numbers at

How do you find info on a J Stevens A A T Co one shot pistol with no visible model or serial?

Go to the library and look for Flayderman's Antique American Firearms. You should be able to identify your pistol from the pictures and descriptions in the Stevens chapter.

How old is a Bretta Automatic Pistol Serial Number 605222?

The only way to find out how old a Bretta automatic pistol with the serial number 605222 is to call the company. There is not a listing for Bretta's by serial numbers online.

What is the value of the pistol whit the ser no 61507?

serial numbers are of no value without the makers name, model of pistol, caliber and overall condition.....................

When made llama 22auto pistol no66774?

AFAIK, there is no published data on Llama serial numbers.

What are the serial numbers that are valuable on a SW 32 caliber 1895 top break pistol?

Impossible to answer.

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