Need to know video formats best for iphone app development. I have to export 200 short videos for the app. My client doesn't know what format is needed. The same as the ones iphones can play?

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What format of video does the iPhone play?

Video formats supported: H.264 video, up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Low-Complexity version of the H.264 Baseline Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; H.264 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames pe ( Full Answer )

What are the best iPhone apps?

With over 50,000 apps available on itunes, it's hard to choose a favourite, I have almost 100 on my iPhone.

What format do your videos need to be for imovie?

The formats which iMovie supports include: 3GP,MOV and MP4, M4V, H.264, AVCHD, DV If you want to import incompatible video into iMovie for further editing, you need to convert them first. your can use a aneesoft video converter converting any formats video to which you want to. Also, you ca ( Full Answer )

How do you get apps on the iPhone?

Tap on the "App Store" icon . Find an App you like . Tap on the price in the top right corner . Tap "Install" . Put in your password when prompted.

What is the best iphone app?

The best app is the new nazi zombies if you would like to pay 10 bucks for some console-quality fun. Otherwise I would suggest Eliminate PRO. Both games are amazingly good. EDIT!! i did not write this but im proving a point,that this is avialable to everyone therefore,there could be incorrect info. ( Full Answer )

What do you need to make an iPhone app?

\nYou must have an Apple account for iPhone developing. Then you must download Xcode 3 \nand type out Xcode 3 code to create the app itself.

Does the itouch have the same apps as the iPhone?

Some you can get on both your iPhone and iPod Touch, but some are strictly for the iPhone. It will say if it's for both or one when you view the information for the app.

Best Korean app for iPhone?

i think that the Daum map is the most useful app in the Korean app store i have it myself... it acts as a navigator and also shows views of the actual road. very useful when you don't know where you are...

What apps can you get for the iPhone?

Games like "angry birds" Utility like "B Book" Social Network like "FB or Twitter" Hi, The first and most required app for your iphone would be My iPhone, since this app finds you the iphone during its misplacement. Apart from this the must have apps would be google search, facebook, Angrybi ( Full Answer )

Do you need a mac to program iPhone apps?

You will need a Mac to program iOS apps as the iOS Software Developers Kit, and alternatives such as GameSalad or Corona, are only available for the Mac. (See links below). Corona will also build apps for Android phones as will other options on other platforms.

What are the best apps for an iPhone?

There are many great apps available for iPhone.Approx more than200+ apps developed via MobilePundits .Go through Mobilepundits forbuilding Mobile apps.

What is the best app for iPhone?

in my opinion its free iphone app available on the appstore, because it gives you paid iphone apps for free...

What is the best free iPhone app?

Depends for what, but I am in love with the B Book. Its great for organizing sex partners. It stands for Booty Book.

Where do you get apps for the iPhone?

From iTunes. Look for the App Store tab. If you jailbreak your iPhone you'll void your warranty and won't get any free service if anything happens to you iPhone. When you get pirated apps to put on a jailbroken iPhone you're stealing from the developers that created the app.

What are the best apps for iPhones?

Any time a request for "best" is made, the answers are subjective. The best applications for the iPhone are the ones that do what you need or would like them to do. For example, if you're a sales professional, a customer/order tracking app may be a good solution, as well as a credit card proce ( Full Answer )

Can you get apps for the iPhone?

yes you can ... on the itunes appstore... and also check out the if you want good apps and games just for freee .... :) .

What are the best iPhone Apps for Purim?

Barry Schwartz created a great iPhone App that has Megillat Esther (the Book of Esther) along with a built in grogger (noise-maker) with 5 different cute sounds (firecracker, machine gun, grogger, air horn, and booing). The Megila is quite readable, and the gragger is easy to activate, and doesn't g ( Full Answer )

Do you need a jailbroken iPhone to get apps on apptrackr?

I'm not quite sure but I dont think you need it jailbroken because if u need it jailbroken you can just download apps from Cydia (an app you get if u have ur pod jailbroken ) instead of going on a website. But I dont have mi ipod jailbroken because it makes your ipod slower and it can rlly ( Full Answer )

How do you know what the video output format is?

To find out what the video file name extension (format) is, right-click the file and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. The video output format is the file name extension (format) you wish to convert the file to. For example, if you wish to convert a .mpg to a .avi you would choose . ( Full Answer )

What apps does the iPhone have?

With iOS 5, it comes with: . Phone . Mail . Safari . Music . Messages . Calendar . Photos . Camera . Videos . YouTube . Maps . Weather . Notes . Reminders . Clock . Game Center . Newsstand . iTunes . App Store . Settings . Contacts . Stocks . Calculator . Compass . Voice Mem ( Full Answer )

What apps do you really need on the iphone?

you need calender , stocks , maps , weather , notes , mail , itunes , settings , and contacts and if you want to text and call get pinger text free with voice

Is it easy to develop iPhone apps?

It's quite hard depending on your development knowledge. If youare just starting in iPhone development begin with starter books.There are also tutorials on the internet that really help.

How many gigabytes do you need for an app on iPhone?

iPhone apps vary in sizes, the size is at the bottom of the app information page. They are usually 1-20 MB. 1 MB is 0.001GB so apps are usually 0.001 MB to 0.02 MB. Watch out some apps can have close to 300 MB which is 0.3 GB.

Can you play iphone apps on PC?

yes you can first you have to buy a pc then put it in you computer or laptop downlod what you want to play and after its done downloading play it

How do you know when an app needs wifi?

When you click on it, it normally doesn't let you play and if you wanna know if you do have wifi, then just look on the top left of the screen. I hope this answered your question!

What is the apps on the iPhone?

Apple iPhone has changed the way people use mobile phones. IPhone has gave access to internet, e -services, banking, sales and marketing for the users. The iPhone apps development for business can help entrepreneurs to attract new customers and increase sales. IPhone functionality and performance ( Full Answer )

What are the easiest techniques in iPhone app development?

Best technique is to hire iPhone developer from outsourcingcompanies. Qtech Software is recognized as one of the best iPhoneapp development company that develops iPhone apps when suppliedwith the idea.

What is the best iPhone recipes app?

I use RecipeTin. It's not the app which gives you all kinds ofrecipes but it is a recipe manager which lets you store you ownrecipes in many different forms. It's a great app.

How do you play iPhone apps on windows?

If you have iTunes for Windows and have iOS apps saved on your Windows computer, you cannot actually use the apps in any way on the computer. The one exception would be if you jailbreak, you can be able to use anything on your iPhone's display on your computer. I am not sure how that works, but I kn ( Full Answer )

How does one get a BlueAnt app for an iPhone?

You can connect your iPhone with a BlueAnt by searching for Bluetooth device, select settings, general, Bluetooth, then select BlueAnt device from the list, enter pin or zero, then connect.

Where can one purchase iPhone apps?

The only place that one can purchase iPhone apps is the iTunes store by Apple. The iTunes store also sells ebooks, magazines, television shows, movies, and music.

Best app for iPhone?

Best app for an iPhone will depend upon who you ask. Many peoplelike the Facebook app.