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Hey check out this website Numrich Gun Parts, i found it while researching the feasibility of a sprngfld 187n, there are tons of models listed there, they may have what you need.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-25 04:12:05
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Q: Need to locate a firing pin for a springfield model 53b 22cal single shot?
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Need firing pin for mossberg 22cal?


Did you have a firing pin for a sturm 22cal pistol?

No, but, might.

Where can you buy a 22cal pump action firing pin at in Albuquerque?

Check the gun stores in the yellow pages

Where can you get a screw for firing pin sears model 42-103 19791-22cal sllr bolt action?

Your local dealership is the best place to get a screw for the firing pin on a Sears model 42-103 19791-22cal sllr bolt action gun. Pawn shops often carry them too.

Have have a springfield model 1922 22cal training rifle in very good condition. History and value?

value will depend on overall condition................

What is value of a 22Cal single shot derringer?

20-50 USD or so

What is the value of a Hawes 22cal single shot target pistol?

100 USD or so

What is the value of your 1960 ruger 22cal mag single six?

50-500 USD or so

Ruger model 62-08843 22cal single six?

50-400 USD depending on specifics

What is a colt single action frontier scout 22cal duel cylinder worth?

10-300 usd

What is the value of a 22cal bolt j Stevens single shot hammer in the bolt model c?

25-100 USD

I got an old 22cal single shot rifle it says is ace 1 22cal who makes it can you get parts ect?

According to the blue book, the Ace 1 was manufactured by Cooey arms in Canada. I have 1 also and can find no more information.

Price value Winchester model 67 22cal. single shot bolt action with no searial?

10-250 USD or so

What year was the savage model 63 made?

The Savage model 63 single shot .22cal rifle was produced from 1970-1972.

How do you install firing pin on a 22cal model 73 savage bolt action rifle diagram please?

website for gunpartscorp, letter S, Savage, Model 73, and there is a parts diagram.

Can you give me any information on a JAC and C 22cal single shot octagon barreled rifle?

No, but, the Blue Book of Gun Values might.

Can a 22cal airgun shoot 22cal bullets?

No it can only fire 22 caliber pellets not bullets.

Where can I find parts for a FN Model 1912 22 cal single shot?

Your best chance at finding parts for this .22cal single shot is Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Where can you find a parts breakdown and availability for a Sears mod 42-103-2840-22Cal rifle?

Where can you locate a parts breakdown and availability for a Sears mod. 42-103-2840-22 caliber rifle?

What is the price and manufactor date of a Ruger 22cal single-six revolver with the serial number 482792?

50-500 USD. Ruger has sn data on their website.

Were can I find genuine Crosman Co2 150 .22cal. pellgun replacement parts?

Crosman offers a service to locate repair shops that repair older air rifles and air guns. See the link below.

Where can you find a mod tex 22cal lr cylinder?

i have a mod tex 22cal lr with a 22 mag interchangeable barrel

Where can you get a bolt action for a springfield model 83 22cal rifle?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads, for sale ads, estate sales, garage sales, Shotgun News, egunparts, Brownell's, Mid Way USA

What is a marlin model 100g worth?

Your Marlin model 100G was a single shot promotional model in .22cal that was made by Marlin.The value is between 55-95 dollars.

How old is my colt single action frontier scout 22cal lr serial no 133347f i purchsed this sometime in the 60's but it was not new when bought? has Colt sn tables.