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Never eat or drink in the lab?

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never eat or drink in the lab because, there is a risk of cross contamination or a chemical reaction with the food or drink products that is being consumed!

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Why do you never eat or drink in the lab?

Because there are materials in the lab that are poison. If you accidentally eat or drink them, you will die. If you die your body decomposes and smells really bad. That makes the other people that use the lab very distracted, and they fail their lab courses. It also attracts bugs. So do not eat or drink in the lab.

Do's and dont's in computer lab?

Do not eat or drink anything in the lab

Why should you never eat or drink anything in a science lab?

Materials in a science lab can be toxic. Food and beverages may become contaminated with dangerous substances or organisms.

Why should a student not eat or drink in the lab?

The food can get contaminated for lab equipment, or the food can damage the equipment.

What could happen if you eat or drink during a science lab?

you could spill a drink and get electric wet

Why should you never eat in a science lab?

your food may easily be contaminated by chemicals in the lab.

What are the do's and don't's inside the Science Laboratory?

Donts; ---- 1.Do not bring food or drink & eat in the lab

Do elephants eat and drink enormous amounts of food and water?

no,elephants never eat enormous amount of food and drink water that big.

What kind food you never eat in morning time?

i would never eat chocolate in the morning or drink fizzy pops x

Why shouldn't I bring food or water in the science lab?

because at the lab there are some chemicals which are toxic and as we bring food or water into the lab our food may come contact with these items and as a result we may eat or drink it.

Why cant you eat or drink in the computer lab?

because if you spill some water on a computer it may become faulty

What would you eat or drink with an ice cream sundae?

I would drink lemonade because its my favorite drink....!! I think I would eat about anything but that's gross so never mind!!

If you puree feces and boil it is it then safe to eat or drink?

No feces is never safe to eat you can never kill all the types of bacteria and germs in there

Why you must not eat drink or play in the laboratory?

Eating, drinking, or playing in the lab can make a mess on your work space, and get you hurt.

Why can't we eat and drink in a science lab?

Each room has a purpose, a science lab is for doing experiments. There are dangerous chemicals around. Eating should be done in a kitchen or likewise venue.

Labrador refuses to eat or drink?

These are both symptoms that the Lab is gravely ill or experiencing severe pain. See a vet ASAP.

Things not to do in a lab?

Three things we should not do in the lab are: 1:Eat 2:Play /run 3:Eat from the lab

Chicken sludge in your well water?

DO NOT drink it until you get a positive coliform reading from a lab test. This could be dangerous.DO NOT drink it until you get a positive coliform reading from a lab test. This could be dangerous.

What is something that beavers will never do in their homes?

Eat or drink they like to keep their dame clean

Why should you never eat or drink in the laboratory glassware?

Well, if it's never been used or it's totally clean, there is no reason why you can't eat or drink out of laboratory glassware. If the glassware is contaminated with chemicals, it is, however, absolutely inadvisable to do so!

What causes gray well water?

Any number of things can cause that. -Get it lab tested before you drink it !Any number of things can cause that. -Get it lab tested before you drink it !

When is eating and drinking in a chemistry lab appropriate?

To avoid intoxication it is not recommended to eat or drink in the laboratory; also eating can contaminate the laboratory equipment.

Proper behavior inside the lab?

Proper behavior in the labDo not eat or drink in the labDo run or chase peopleAvoid slippingwear goggles, lab coat and gloves when experimentingturn off Bunsen burner when not usingkeep chemical away from your eyes ans skindo not play with chemicals

What does a cat like to eat and drink?

Cats, being carnivores, like meat and smelly fish to eat, and some like to drink cat milk (never cow's milk) as a treat.

What does a slug drink?

I am not sure but i believe they get their water from their food, the moisture in lettuce etc. My snails eat dog food but I have never seen them drink