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What did the Ursuline nuns do?

the ursuline nuns came to new France to establish religious settlements.

Why did the Ursuline nuns come to New France?

The Ursuline nuns came to New France so they could spread the Catholic religion to the First Nations.

What was the lifestyle on the Ursuline Nuns?

The Ursuline Nuns lifestyle is that they came to New France to build schools for girls, no boys. They also brought girls in to there schools that did not have any money.

Why did the Ursuline Nuns go come to new France?

They came so that they could spread Catholic Religion with the First Nations.

How did the Ursuline nuns spread the Catholic religion?

The Ursuline sisters went to the new world to teach young girls.

What did the ursuline nun need to survive in New France?

The Ursuline nun needed food and shelter to survive in New France.

What were the Ursuline Nuns' contributions to New France?

They made schools for girls; the nuns were responsible for medical care, education of French and native girls, charity work. they gave up all personal life for chores. they would never marry (they were married to God) and never never got married. Some nuns were Marie de l'Icarnation, Marguerite Bourgeoys and a Jesuit would be St. Jean de Brebeuf.

Said to have been brought to New Orleans by the Ursuline nuns a beignet is best enjoyed with caf au lait But what is it?

A deep-fried pastry

Where is the Ursuline Academy Of New Orleans in New Orleans Louisiana located?

The address of the Ursuline Academy Of New Orleans is: , New Orleans, LA 70118-6399

What were Samuel de Champlains contributions?

He helped establish New France and allied with the native Americans

What was the new France bishop's job?

The job of the bishop was to provide a school to educate the priests and nuns of the roman cathlic church. PIE

Tell you about Ursuline Academy High School?

I go to Ursuline Academy New Orleans, and let me tell ya, I looovvvveeee it. Everything is so different. The cultures are blended, people are kindhearted, and it's an easier way to learn. The smaller enviorment of Ursuline New Orleans is more 'one-on-one', so you know, the teacher is not focusing on 30 kids and can be more open to you. The campus of Ursuline is beautiful. It consists of an amazing courtyard with a fountain and palm trees, and has been around for 271 years. Wooowwww. Wonderful school.

Why did France sponsor Samuel de Champlain's voyages?

France sponsored Samuel de Champlain's voyages due to the various contributions that he made in developing the territories that France had. Quebec and New France were among the places he founded.

What were some contributions of Colonial New York?

What were some contributions of Colonial New York

What did nuns in New France provide in hospitals?

You are thinking of Catholic Sisters, not nuns: nuns are women religious that are enclosed in a cloistered monastery. Catholic sisters, such as the Ursulines, Hospital Sisters of Quebec, Hospital Sister of Montreal, Sisters of Charity of Montreal primarily ministered to the educational and health needs of the French but served everyone without discrimination. (extracted from Canada's Religions: An Historical Introduction, ByRobert Choquette

Samuel de Champlain is often called the father of new France for the many contributions he made to the french colonies in north America if you saw a plaque to Champlain listing all of these accompl?

He is called the father of new France because he founded the first town in new fance which was Quebec.

Why do nuns and priests change their names?

Nuns change their names because for them, it indicates their new life in Christ. Priests rarely change their names.

What is the name of the first school in 1725 founded in Louisiana by Roman Catholic priest?

It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. The first school in Louisiana was the Ursuline Convent for girls, established in 1727 in New Orleans: As girls could not be sent to Europe to obtain an education, a school for them was absolutely necessary in New Orleans, and Bienville, at the suggestion of the Jesuit Father de Beaubois, asked that six Ursuline nuns be sent from France to attend to the hospital and to open a school for girls. The nuns arrived in July, 1727, and were received with great kindness by Governor Périer, his wife, and the people of the town. In 1734 the Ursulines occupied the convent, built for them by the Government, which is still standing on Chartres street. They remained there until 1824, when they moved to another building down the river. Their services as educators of the girls of Louisiana in colonial times were invaluable. See links below.

What happened at New France?

What happened in new france was that new france had fought for the freedom that they have today in france.

Did people in new France go to school?

oh did they ever the nuns and brothers (clergy members and church) taught the children because there was really no school there was but it was the church the school but int he sense that teachers did not teach there was no princeable or any of that it was all done by the nuns (fun fact the nun also were medical assistance) -martin

What happened to old contributions when moved to the split contributions system?

Old contributions were not affected. All of the points from old contributions were migrated to the new system.

Why did France have new France?

Because it they did! New France was like New England. It was a colony.

What buildings were in new France?

New BUildings were in new France

Why was the new land called New France?

Because France was created the same way as New France.

How long did it take to get from France to New France on a boat?

It took around one month for them to travel from France to New France, so it would be one month to get to France from NewFrance.

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