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my car wont start with a new battery, starter and alternator

What kind of car? A lot of things can keep a car from starting. It is just a process of elimination. More information is needed to point you in the right direction.

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Q: New battery new starter car will not start?
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Where is the 97 Nissan Sentra Starter Relay?

Last Sunday my battery was dead, I got a jump start from a professorial battery charger, car started fine, got to church, after car would not start, had it towed to where I can buy a new Battery, car still will not start, where is the starter relay?, is there a fuse link for the starter any where?

Does a starter drain a battery?

A starter does drain a battery. The battery holds a charge so that you can use your starter to start the car. After the car is started the alternator recharges your battery and runs your car and all it's accessories. If your car won't start or is having a hard time starting you can drain your battery by repeated unsuccessful attempts to start it.

New starter new battery new alternator belt but car wont start?

Go to the mechanic instantly

About 3 months ago your car wouldnt start it was making a clicking noise so you bought a new starter your car was fine for a few days then wouldn't start again you bought a new battery and the car has?

it needed a new battery duhh

What does a car starter motor solenoid do?

When opened by the starter switch, it sends electricity from the battery to the starter motor to start the car.

What car part is attched to your starter and is needed to start the car?

The battery

97 Nissan altima why will your car not start after just buying a brand new battery?

check the starter

No start after new starter and battery only clickiing sound tested new starter and new battery checks good is there a relay or interlock switch?

What kind of car? Check the solenoid if not on the starter, like Ford. Re-check all the connections and the ground.

96 neon you will not start new starter relay and battery?

i have same car and after changing battery and terminals i found out it was th oxygen sensor

Your Massey Ferguson 35 will not start unless you jump start it from your car is a new battery needed?

new battery installed . push starter and all I get Is a humming sound . wont turnover though

Why my1991 ford vic won't start with new battery and starter making clicking noise?

starter relay , up of the battery , open ignition on , place car on park and jump it.

What cost car to not start?

usually its the starter or the battery.. depends

I put in a new starter but my car still won't start what can be be draining the battery?

Check your earth (ground) connections battery to chassis & battery to engine / gearbox.

If your car will not start absolutely nothing when you turn the key even after putting in a new battery so why will it start if you jump the car?

check your battery cables and you ground. You may want to check your alternator, if the car only starts when jumped started. IMprovement to answer: If the new battery doesn't start the car, obviously it's not the alternator causing the car not to start... Check the starter relay under the hood if it is equipped and if that works then check the starter solenoid located beside the starter motor. If that's working then you can be pretty sure it's the starter motor causing your problem - maybe worn brushes or excess resistance in the circuit.

If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

Your battery died and you put a new battery in your car and the car still does not turn on why?

Is there power to the starter "S" terminal? What car?

Why would your car not start if you just replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the battery cables or starter.

What oes it mean when you put a new battery in a car and the car wont start but the headlights automatically come on?

Check Battery cables for tightness and lack of corrosion May be starter solenoid May be starter May be Neutral safety switch

If your car won't start how can you tell if it is your battery or starter that is bad?

First, turn on the headlights. Now, have someone watch them as you try to start the car; do they get dim? If so, the battery is in need of a charge; If not, you need to check your connections at the starter. You may have a bad starter, starter solenoid, or connection.

Car won't start unless it is jumped with cables?

needs new battery or starter drawing too much current

Why won't a car start if the starter and battery has been replaced?

Maybe the car needs gas.

Why will car not start with a new battery?

Could be a variety of things? The starter is out. You need new spark plugs. Are the positive and negative cables connected, tightly?

Remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed How do you get it to work again?

If the remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the remote, the remote needs to be reprogrammed. If the remote starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the vehicle, the computer might need to be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

Why Car makes clicking noise when i try to start it?

You either have a corroded or loose battery cable connection at the battery, a defective or drained battery, defective starter relay or starter.

Do you need to reprogram the remote to a cool start car starter after replacing the battery?