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I have heard of a 4 year old little boy that was forced to work in a nike sweatshop.

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Q: Nike sweatshops what is the youngest age there?
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How many sweatshops does Nike have?


Where are Nike sweatshops?

Indonesia China Vietnam

Does Nike still use sweatshops?

no they do not, they believe that it's not humain to slave away for hardly any money

Are converse made in sweatshops?

Converse is owned by Nike, so yes.

What companies have been caught using sweatshops?

lemitt too

Does superdry use sweatshops to make their clothes?

yes, in Chinese sweatshops they make about 65 US cents per hour. Apparently so does Nike and Russell Athletic

What is the Nike sweat shop debate?

it's something about nike and nike factories and their products but you can learn more about it at ADDED Also people are saying Nike are using sweatshops for their clothing basically

What is the most known sweatshops?

probably nike or gap. they have sweat shops all over the world and recenly nike had a problem with low wage paying for their workers in india.

Was The mesolithic age the youngest age?

no it is not the youngest age . it is the middle stone age

What is the average age of a sweatshop worker?

The usual age is around 13 years, but considering sweatshops break many other human rights and laws, there may be no age limit in some sweatshops.

How and where does Nike make their product?

Nike contracts factories outside the United States to manufacture their products. Nike is not into the business of making shoes or apparel, what they do is sell the brand (NIKE). They contract sweatshops in mostly Asian countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Philiippinnes, Malaysia, etc. where they pay the workers about $1.60c for working 16hrs day for their services. Nike shoes are sold anywhere around $75-$150 but it literarily costs about $5 or less to produce these shoes. You should google up sweatshops and Nike and see what's up... I probably over-answered your question, hope this helped...

How many Nike companies are there worldwide?

Nike does not "own" any sweatshops, sweatshops are owned by factory bosses. Nike claimes that they just market shoes, but they give the factories there shoe designs etc..... Hope that helps Jared