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Reebok, Adidas, UnderArmor or Puma. Any company that produces athletic footwear or athletic apparel is a competitor to Nike (besides Hurley, Converse, Bauer and Umbro, who are owned by Nike).
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You have an ecommerce business how can you get major product line at wholesale price like Nike Addidas etc?

Call Nike, and Adidas. Let them know you are interested in re-selling their products. They will direct you to their distributors or send you a resell packet and catalog. Sometimes you might need to buy a certain amount of products to start with them. So to say, you cant just buy 1 pair of shoes f ( Full Answer )

Who are Microsoft's competitors?

According to CEO Steve Ballmer Microsoft's main competitors are: . Google . Apple . Oracle . VMware . open source (Linux, Firefox) So let's take a look at why each of those companies is a main competitor: Google This is the big kahuna. Google is a serious threat because not only d ( Full Answer )

What are indirect competitors?

Indirect competitors are often classified as ' wanting to have a share of the pie'. Confused? Here's an example. Let's say, Ali has opened a store on one side of the street and is selling Indian rice. His brother, Hussain does the same on the other side of the street. Later on, a Chinese man op ( Full Answer )

Who is the major competitor of Intel?

The major competitor of Intel is AMD. Intel and AMD are the twomost established CPU makers in the world but Intel boasts thelion's share of the market.

Who was Nike?

Answer . Nike is the famous ancient goddess who personified triumph. Greek mythological God of Victory

Who are Gucci competitors?

Gucci's competitors are Louis Vuitton, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana,Chanel, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Marni, Lanvin,Chloe, Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry, Alberta Ferreti, RobertoCavalli, Fendi and Prada.

Who are McDonald's' competitors?

Other fast food companies that also serve hamburgers, fries, and drinks. These include, but are not limited to, Wendy's, Harvey's, Burger King, and A&W.

Who are apple's competitors?

Apple has a number of competitors. These include Nokia, Motorola,BlackBerry, as well as Palm. In addition, there are many computerbrands that are competitors of Apple.

What is the major competitors for Microsoft?

It really depends because Microsoft has a huge number of products. Of course they are mostly known for Windows, but they have much more available. Office, Xbox, Live, MSN, online services, server and tools, programming languages, Windows Phone, gaming, Bing, and more. Each product and service the ( Full Answer )

Competitors of Walmart?

In North America, Wal-Mart's primary competition includes department stores like Kmart, Kroger, Target, ShopKo, Meijer, and Canada's Zellers, Winners, and Giant Tiger. Competitors of Wal-Mart's Sam's Club division are Costco, and the smaller BJ's Wholesale Club chain operating mainly in the eastern ( Full Answer )

Who are the competitors of amway?

Due to the fact that Amway's business model has changed, thecompanies mentioned below would only compete with Amway on aproduct to product basis, but not with the business model it offerspotential business partners. Amway is now a virtual mall offeringcustomers an online shopping experience where al ( Full Answer )

Where can you get Nikes?

You can get them at Foot Locker or Champs. You can also get them online. Hope I helped (i just got Nike Greco Hi-Tops yesterday)

What are Nike?

They are a type of shoe, mostly owned by "Gangster" clique. these shoes can be very expensive somtimes..i just ordered some they were 120$$

How many majors on the PGA tour do Nike staff players combined?

Those who are on the current Nike Tour Staff on the PGA Tour who have won a major are, Justin Leonard(1), Tiger Woods (14), Stewart Cink(1), Lucas Glover(1), Trevor Immelman(1) and David Duval(1). So in total 19 majors, but out of the last 7 they have won 4. (as of 2009 The Open).

Who is the major competitors for IOI Group?

Malaysia's IOI Group is a multi-national company with businesses in oil palm plantations, manufacturing of oleochemicals and specialty fats and property development. In the international front, its main competitors are Singapore-listed Wilmar International Ltd and Indonesia's PT Sinar Mas Agro Re ( Full Answer )

Who are dirt bike US major competitors?

The big five in the USA are Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha.. If rated by quality by the same power groupage (cc), KTM is higher, however, this doesn't mean the others make low quality bikes. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are cheaper.

What are some major milestones in Nike Inc?

•1970- The Swoosh first appears on a football/soccer cleat calledthe Nike.. •1978- Tennis "bad boy" John McEnroe is signed by Nike to anendorsement contract.. •1989- Nike enters the European football market. •1994 +2003- Nike wins Advertiser of the Year at the CannesAdvertisin ( Full Answer )

Who are aveda's competitors?

Kiehl's Fresh, L'Occitane and Estee Lauder's Origins are the main competitors of Aveda. These are all organic cosmetics. Read more

Where can you get Nike?

There are many official Nike store locations throughout the US.Typically, these are nestled in larger cities, such as Seattle, WAand Portland, OR. You can simply research a plethora of otherlocations on google maps or through Apple's navigation.Alternately, there are a few 3rd party retailers, such ( Full Answer )

Who are the major competitors to jetro cash and carry?

The cash and carry is a big warehouse whom proved smaller businesses with supplies and item for their shop to either sell of to keep e.g carribags, recite rolls and stuff like that. And the major competitors for Jetro cash and carry is Macro.

Who are Costco competitors?

Costco mainly sells in bulk, making it very popular for small businesses. I would imagine Sam's Club would be it's main competitor.

What is the synonym for competitors?

type it into and there are many many words, such as... contestants opponents adversaries candidates applicants participants ....

What are some major development in Nike history?

1957: Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman meet 1962: Knight makes up a company named " Blue Ribbon Sports " (BRS) 1964: Knight and Bowerman each contribute $500 to start BRS. BRS sells 1,300 pairs of Tiger running shoes; revenues=$8000 1965: Jeff Johnson becomes BRS' first full time employ ( Full Answer )

What is competitor billing?

Basically, its as it says - A bill from a competitor that is offering a similar service. The idea is that your previous (or current) provider has already checked your credentials (proof of income etc), and has given them the all clear - otherwise they wouldn't have accepted you in the first place. ( Full Answer )

Who are craigslist competitors?

Craigslist has a large number of competitors. Craigslist was reported at one time to be the 4th most popular site on the Internet. As far as competitors go eBay has recently started a classifieds service, there is,, and lots or others. There is even competit ( Full Answer )

Do koalas have competitors?

There are no competitors for the koala's food, which is eucalyptus leaves of the subgenus Symphyomyrphus. While Greater gliders feed primarily on eucalyptus leaves as well, they feed on eucalyptus leaves of the subgenus Monocalyptus.

Who are Anthropologie's competitors?

The highest and cheapest alternative to the brand name Anthropologie is Forever 21. They are extremely low quality and their clothing is known to fall apart. Many people think that Urban Outfitters is a competitor; however, they are just a cheaper line of anthropologie. Their brand names are connect ( Full Answer )

Is telewest broadband a major competitor of comcast?

Telewest, based in the UK, is a cable, internet, and television company. However, in 2007 it was renamed Virgin Media. Comcast is the same type of company, but it is based in the United States. Because of the differing countries, they are not true competitors.

What were the competitors of ENIAC?

Harvard Mark 1 - US - electromechanical, general purpose . Zuse Z3 - Germany - electromechanical, general purpose -destroyed in bombing raid . Colossus - UK - electronic, cryptography special purpose -classified, not declassified until 1970s ABC predated ENIAC but was dismantled during war - US ( Full Answer )

Who is competitor of cocacola?

The word competitor in marketing encompasses aspect such as products and services. When one says a competitor of coca-cola one have to consider what product or services the company offers to the consumer. as for coca-cola they offer beverage drinks and is established throughout the world. the other ( Full Answer )

What is agil competitor?

An agile competitor would be one who can change quickly to take advantage of marketplace changes and quickly avoid potential threats.

Who are the major competitors for Norton Antivirus?

There are many competitors for the Norton Antivirus brand. Some of the more notable ones are McAfee, a pay antivirus program, and Avast, a free antivirus program available for download.

Who are the competitors of Goodwill?

Goodwill is the name of a non profit agency that helps the disabled in many ways. Thier competitors include the Salavation Army, United Way, Habitat For Humanity, and the American Red Cross.

Who are Tesco competitor?

Direct competition are Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons. Potential are Iceland, Co Op, Lidl and Aldi

What are competitor coupons?

Compeitor Coupons refers to other businesses that operate and sellsimilar goods that offer a discount. Sometimes, businesses willaccept other stores codes and discounts in order to keep thecustomers shopping by them.

Was Mithraism a major competitor with Christianity?

Yes. Mithraism was a strong competitor to Christianity in the first two centuries, but had a fatal weakness, whatever its theological truth. Mithraism only accepted men as full members, whereas Christianity actively sought out women as converts, knowing that if the wives converted to Christianity, m ( Full Answer )

Who are the competitors of

Quora and Yahoo Answers are both competitors of,although the styles of each of the three sites are each muchdifferent.