Nintendo DS r4?

The Nintendo ds r4 is a flash cart for the Nintendo ds. It basically plays downloaded ds cames through a micro sd inserted into the flash cart which is then put into the ds. Start your ds up and the menu is there. Simply select and play! Unfortunatly Nintendo has found a way to stop this so none of the new ds games will work on a ds flash cart. But there is still an amazing variety of older games that you can play. It also accepts video but in DPG format only. You can get many dpg converters. Homebrew is available aswell, this is basically games and applications people have made. Put them in the game section. The only places i know where you get them from is either the official site or one might pop up on eBay. Hope i helped.

To download:

Just go on the website, then click on ROM.

Next just choose a game to download by typing in a keyword like MARIO etc.

Some games apparently don't work but most do.

once u've decided u want a certain game click on details..

and there's a lot of information for that game.

scroll down until u find the information about downloading.

then click request download ticket then download.

itll take about 15 minutes to download but its worth it.

when its done plug in ur USB thing that comes with ur r4 pack and also insert the little chip thing.

when the download for the game is done u'll hav to drag the game to ur USB file and that'll take about 15 minutes. then WHOOSH its done!!

For more information visit:

Hope i helped!! (I better)

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