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Toyota 4Runner

No Spark On 92 V6 4 runner new distributor and igniter need help maybe CPU?


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Try this...... Remove the ignition coil plug, then take a test light and run it between the two terminals of the ignition coil wires. Crank the engine and see if it flashes. If it does and there is no spark, you need a new coil.


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try replacing your distributor, distributor cap, rotor, and maybe the spark plug wires.

Probably losing spark in that one cylinder, maybe a faulty spark plug, a spark plug wire or distributor cap.

You have an ignition problem. Water is shorting out something maybe spark plug wires or distributor. If at night you maybe be even able to see the short if spark plug wires. If you wires are old replace them.

What i would do first is check the distributor cap and rotary button that's what usually goes bad first. if that's not it it could be the coil or maybe even the distributor itself.

There could be a few things on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron causing the distributor not to have power. But first I would check the spark plugs and see if maybe they have gone bad.

== == check that you are getting power to the distributor. i am assuming you are talking about a earlier model vehicle Have you checked the ecm relay? maybe the pickup coil assy.

Maybe when they put the spark plugs in they were not gapped right or they maybe the wrong spark plugs.

Yo, im in a similar case senario, but i drive a 86 Nissan pickup and not a Saab. You have to be more specific on what's happening. Pull one of the spark plug wires off the spark plug and hold it 1/8 of an inch from a bare metal part of the engine and have someone try the ignition. If it sparks, you have fire and problems are fuel ratio or vacuum lines or worse. If not your lookin at maybe distributor cap and rotor if applicable or maybe just the distributor-less wires.

maybe no spark, bad fuses, bad distributor or rotor cap or ignition coil or bad fuel injectors. sounds like a simple problem, hopefully

Hmm. You have done everything that is correct. I take it, your battery is able to crank the engine strongly. Assuming your distributor is electronic, I think you have the same problem I had earlier. I had to change the entire distributor to eliminate the problem. I was able to get a Used one which was cheaper. Prior to that, I checked the distributor cap and I found a small minute crack on it. The takeup points of distribution was also corroded, maybe due to water or moisture. This could have contributed to the lack of spark. Anyway, the used distributor came complete with cap and wires and my problem was solved. Hope my answer helps in some way for you to check yours.

The computer maybe fubar(no good)? have you checked the plug wires distributor cap and rotor? could be the distributor its self or possably the pick up coil

the runner up in American idol gets a new car and maybe a record deal

you maybe blew the motor have u tried ur spark plugs distributor cap and all that

That means that you have bad plug wires, Spark plugs, Distributor cap are rotor and or maybe a bad ignition coil. Check these things out. You may just need a good tune-up.

The cap and rotor would not be the problem as they are installed in preset position. Therefore the problem lies in one of two other possibilites: (1) SPARK PLUGS: Did you check the gap on the spark plugs? New spark plugs do not always come pre-gapped and it is always a good idea to check them. Spark plugs that are not gapped correctly will "miss" or "skip" and not give good performance. (2) WIRING: When you changed the plug wires, did you ensure you bought the right wires for your application? If the wires are not the right ones, you will get a "miss" or a "skip". Another problem would be the routing of the wires from the plug to the distributor. Did you remove all wires at once and maybe crossed up the order that they fit back on the distributor? Are the wires fit snuggly on the spark plug and the distributor cap?

Sure. Any reputable garage would let you watch. The only thing included in a tune-up is Spark Plugs and Plug Wires, and maybe a cap and rotor if you dive an 80's car with a distributor.

Maybe try putting the distributor wire back on and see if the jerking stops.

I can only comment on my own 1984 240dl. If the points are faulty this can cause this, or if the gap is too small or large between them. I would remove the distributor cap and get someone to turn the engine over. If there's a spark at the points this suggests the distributor cap is faulty or maybe the ht leads but I'd be surprised if all of them are faulty. If the points look ok and the gap is correct I would check the condenser and also further back at the coil. Try going back and looking at the distibutor cap. It it where the spark is generated. Make sure you have the plugs connected in the engines firing order.

Sounds like the problem could be a short some where in the spark. Check and change plug, plug wire and distributor cap, maybe the rotor too. Check all parts connected to spark.

I'd try and go with what the indicator light code is telling you. Other than that it could be a vacuum leak, poor spark plugs or incorrectly gapped ones, or maybe bad spark plug wires.

Was it missing and sputtering before you changed them? If no, then you could have got the firing order mixed on the distributor. Maybe if you didn't replace the wires also one became more damaged while removing it. If yes, maybe its your fuel, or injectors, and you need to add a bottle of cleaner to your gas tank.

Might need new spark plugs and maybe spark plug wires too.

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