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No XP CD came with your PC so how do you reformatt?

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When this happens you most likely have a separate partiton with a image of the HD when it was shipped. There should be a bootable program you can choose to run the recovery tool.

2011-09-13 12:25:03
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Q: No XP CD came with your PC so how do you reformatt?
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Can you download windows XP to a CD will it boot the PC?

CD to PC is easy windowsxp you having that CD and install it and after that give a password of that windowsxp

How do you install Windows XP on an ASUS Eee PC?

you have to install win xp via a usb or by using an external CD drive.

How do you install xp on a PC which previously booted from a network?

You have to have a hard drive in your PC, a Windows Xp installation CD or DVD, a serial number, and data for activation (if required). After that go in BIOS settings, find boor order or boot sequence settings and choose as first bootable device a CD-ROM (DVD-ROM). Then insert the disk in CD/DVD device save settings in BIOS, you PC will restart and after that follow instruction of XP installer.

How do you add Arabic to a French copy of xp without CD?

A CD is required. The language font settings are stored in a database on the CD, or in a separate folder on the PC which must be manually installed (no default)

How do you copy songs CD digital audio to PC windows XP?

Autorun CD Then select copy Music and copy it to your PC or any application just by giving path Visit for tips and tricks

Create a bootable CD for Windows XP if you don't have a Windows XP CD?

i download windows xp service pack 3 and wright cd but this is not bootable, so you can help me how i can make bookable windows xp sp3 cd.

How do you change your operating system from Linux to Windows XP?

Assuming you are using a fairly standard x86 device, like the ASUS Eee PC, and the hard drive is large enough, all you need to do is boot from a Windows XP CD and follow the same steps as a normal XP installation. The ASUS Eee PC and similar devices will require you to purchase an external CD / DVD drive.

How do you recover Windows XP password?

Place your Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM and start your computer (You need your XP CD is bootable as it should be - and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)..Read More..

How do you boot my PC?

first insert windows XP CD into CD ROM drive then press Del button setup bios setting first CD, second HDD, Third Floppy Disk or disables

How do you make a Windows XP setup disks?

some xp-installed computers do not have a feature to create backups of the system that came pre-installed. I personally had to pay $50 to hp to get a set of 8 recovery discs. no-it was not a single CD for just installing windows xp on a computer it was all the software that came on the hard-drive when i bought it. the assumption companies make is that the recovery partition on the hard-drive will never fail you. so if you don't have the windows xp CD you have to use the recovery partition of your drive or recovery CD set.

1 a client wants to boot from the windows xp professional CD-rom to install windows xp professional but when he inserts the CD-rom in the drive and tries to boot the PC boots from the hard disk ins?

Change the boot order in the CMOS/BIOS.

Can you install Windows XP sp3 without a Windows XP CD?

You can upgrade to SP3 without a CD. You cannot install the entire system from scratch without a CD. yes. first install XP sp2 with CD, then upgrade via Internet.

How do you get the windows xp product key?

It is in or on the box the software came in, the CD or on a sticker somewhere on the outside of your computer if you bought a computer with XP pre-installed(Microsoft first stop doing this at release of Windows 8). If you lost the box or can't find the product key on your computer then you can get it off the installation CD assuming you still have it. Without the installation CD there is no need for the product key since you would not be able to install the software without it. The manufacturer of the PC might store cheap backup recovery CD's. All XP Support ends April 2014.

How do you create a bootable CD for Windows XP Professional?

Windows XP is a bootable CD, so you don't need one.

How to Repair Acer 5670 xp OS?

You set the bios to CD boot. After that reinstall windows with a windows xp cd.

How do you install an external CD drive on asus Eee PC Linux?

Any USB CD / DVD drive can easily be installed; just plug it into one of the USB ports on the Eee PC. Both Windows XP and Linux should be able to see it; and you can boot from it in the BIOS.

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000 XP CD where the installation files are stored?

in xp and 2000 CD it is stored in i386 folder

If you have a dell laptop but no CD but you have a windows xp pro product key can you use a dell windows xp pro reinstall CD?


How inistal Windows xp?

Insert the windows XP Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot the computer. Boot from the CD. Then follow the instructions.

Where can one download a free Windows XP repair disk?

A free Windows XP repair disk can be downloaded from Softonic, Tech Republic, Kioskia, Software Solution, Boot From CD, PC Support and Disk Internals.

Can you format Vista to run XP?

Yes, you can but you have to have a windows xp installation cd.

How do you repair Windows XP without the original installation CD?

Restart your PC then Press one of the F1 or F2 or F3.... Buttons and it will take you automaticaly to a screen ;)

How do I boot non-responsive Windows XP?

You use a windows xp restoring CD or restoting CD from other companies such as WindowsPE, Windows XP usb edition and so.

How do you transfer from Windows XP to windows 7?

You Can Buy A Completely New Windows 7 CD Or An Upgrade CD Which Will Upgrade Your XP to 7

Got a CD-r but your PC not letting you burn a CD?

In order to create a CD, you must have a drive capable of writing to CDs (also known as a "CD burner"). Youmust also have either an operating system that supports CD burning natively (Windows XP and later, for instance), or special CD authoring software like Nero.