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No data plan for ipod touch?


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The iPod Touch has no 3G capabilities, so you cannot get a data plan for it

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no ipod touch 4th generations do not require a data plan

No, that's what the iPod touch is for.

No, you do not have to pay for a service plan on the iPod Touch.

No you don't as the iPod Touch can not have a sim card so there is no need for a phone plan at all.

The iPod touch dos not offer the ability to send SMS text mesaging. To send an SMS you need a data plan from a cell phone provider.

You cannot buy an iPod touch at Verizon because the iPod touch does not require a service plan.

No, that's what the iPod touch is for.yes you just wont be able to get mobile Internet

No, actually the iPhone came first since it was apples' first phone product and then the iPod Touch was created; which would be a similar product but just not a phone. I'm actually using my iPod Touch right now. :] (Cotton.Music8) I think Ipod touch. I agree with Cotton.Music8. The iPhone was created first and than the iPod Touch was the resulting product. Since, not everyone wanted to pay for the data plan or they already had a phone, apple decided to make the iPod Touch. The iPod touch was the exact same thing as the iPhone, but (as said above) without the phone part. This allowed people to enjoy all the features of the iPhone without having to pay the data plan.

No, you do not have to buy a monthly plan. It is a common myth that you must buy a monthly plan to use the iPod Touch, but it is false. When you pay for it at the store, that's the last time you'll pay to use that iPod Touch.

No, the iPod Touch cannot use a cell phone internet plan. The iPod Touch can only work with Wireless Routers via a Wi-Fi connection.

You do not have to purchase a data plan with a touch screen device. However, a lot of our touch screen phones require an agreement to have the data plan for a year to receive a rebate.

No, each iPod Touch comes with a charging/data transfer cable.

no, the ipod dont have access to sim card, so no phone plan is required.

no, the ipod touch cannot use 3g so you can only use wifi.

If you have access to wireless internet connection, you can still utilize all of the same apps that you would be able to use if you bought a data plan. If you plan to use your data plan to access emails and the internet away from a stable WiFi connection, I would recommend to go ahead and purchase the data plan. If you don't like it or realize you don't use the data plan to make it worth your money, you can always cancel.

Yes, now you have to have a data plan ever since this January.

Borrow a friends Sim card with a data plan and activate it

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can not that would probably erase all data on both devices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not always, if you go to verizon wireless website, there are many touch phones that dont require a data plan. ENJOY!

It hold 8gb of data hence the fact 8gb Ipod.

When restoring your Ipod Touch the data on itunes doesn NOT get deleted. :D

Most likely, the data on your iPod touch is usually wiped when re syncing, try doing a Google search for: How to Back-Up Apps On IPod Touch

Yes but the computer you use your ipod touch for you have to use it for the ipad then the info. will sync Including: Music photos Etc.

You can't then. Wifi is required to access the Internet on iPod touch. iPhones, however, can use cellular data

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