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Modern vehicles can have dozens of different fault conditions which will activate the 'check engine' light. To assume that only one problem will cause the light to come on is not very wise. Because most cars now use computer controlled electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition systems, there are a dozen or more sensors which input to the computer. Any one of them may be the cause of the light coming on, or it could be the computer itself. The days of the backyard mechanic are coming to an end, because specialized interfaces are needed to be able to communicate with the on-board computer and find out what faults have been recorded.

2006-07-23 06:34:42
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form_title=Spark Plug Replacement form_header=Keep your engine running smoothly with new spark plugs! If you need your spark plugs replaced, we can help you find an auto technician to get the job done. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ When was the last time you had your spark plugs replaced?=_ Describe the problem=_

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