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A non-permanent resident alien is an individual that holds employment in the United States. They are not a citizen and they do not have a green card.

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Q: Non permanent resident alien
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Related questions

Is an L1 visa holder considered a non-permanent or permanent resident alien?

I believe you are not a resident alien at all, you are a alien, legally allowed to live and work in the USA for the duration of the L1 (up to 7 years) but you are not a "resident" There are many law firms who could answer precisely this question.

Can a permanent resident marry a non-us citizen and bring her to US?

A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can sponsor a relative for a green card. To sponsor a green card, the petitioner has to file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative with the USCIS.

How long does a permanent resident alien have to be married to a US citizen to get citizenship?

Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT confer automatic citizenship or permanent resident status to the non-citizen spouse. The non-citizen spouse will have to apply following the standard immigration procedures as prescribed by law. Marriage to a US Citizen does not automatically qualify an alien for citizenship. Contact a reputible Immigration attorney for guidence on pursuing citizenship.

Is Hannah Montana an alien?

No she is not an alien she is a human being just like you! If you mean alien as in non resident-also no.

Could someone have you deported if you are a permanent resident alien?

Individuals have no say in whether a non-citizen in the United States should be deported such decisions are made by the USCIS. Unless the person who has been granted permanent resident status commits a federal or state crime which constitutes a felony conviction he or she is not in danger of deportation.

What actors and actresses appeared in Non-Resident Alien - 2009?

The cast of Non-Resident Alien - 2009 includes: Odaymara Cuesta as Odaymara Wanda Kruda as Wanda Olivia Prendes as Olivia

What is the antonym of the word resident?

This could be alien or non-resident.

What are the five categories of aliens to the US law?

1. A resident Alien 2. Non- resident Alien 3. enemy Alien 4. Refugees 5. illegal Alien

Can a permanent resident alien receive medicare benefits?

How can they if they are not a US citizen Yes they can, there are options, check here:

Is an H1B visa holder considered as resident alien or not?

Yes I am a real estate agent and have a client who has h1b status and wants to know if he is considered a resident alien or not because he wants the $8000 tax credit if he buys a home (He is a first time buyer) The tax form 5405 says you can't claim the credit if you are a non resident alien so the client must be satisfied that he is qualified Are there any other places that h1b can be verified as resident alien

Green card to get a gun license?

To PURCHASE a firearm in the US, you will need to be a citizen, or a permanent resident alien. However, some NON-resident aliens MAY purchase SOME firearms. If you are in the US on a student visa, and wish to go hunting, if you have a hunting license, you may purchase a rifle of shotgun without having a "green card". Inquire at a knowledgeable gun dealer. If you are an illegal alien, you may not purchase or possess a firearm.

Can a legal permanent resident marry an illegal alien who was once deported after serving time as a convicted felon and if so will the illegal alien be able to gain legal status in the US?

Sure they can marry, but no felon from a foreign country can gain legal entry into the United States, much less legal status. They are persona non grata.

Can a legal alien receive tax refund?

Yes, if you overpaid your taxes. You would need to file a tax return. You have up to three years after the initial deadline to claim a refund. Th forms you file would depend if you are a resident alien (1040 forms) or non-resident alien (1040NR).

Permanent residence in NC but live and work in SC how will the taxes work out?

You'll file as a resident of NC and a non-resident of SC. The non resident filing will apportion part of your income to that state and the tax you pay will be a credit for tax due in the other State.

Can a permanent resident be deported for non payment of childsupport?

no you cant get deportes cause your a live here and you are a citizen

Can you use a matricula consular to purchase a firearm?

If you mean the purchase of a firearm from a dealer in the US by a person that is not a citizen or permanent resident of the US- not by itself. An non-resident alien LEGALLY present in the US may purchase a firearm under limited circumstances. They will need a minimum of two pieces of ID- one must be a government supplied photo ID that shows address- but you will still need to show legal presence in the US, or that you meet those limited circumstances for a non-resident- and a consular card does not do that.

How long will the legal alien married to a US citizen get her permanent residency status and when can she start working legally?

It depends on the legal alien current status, whether she in US with a non-immigrant visa, student visa, or immigrant visa. However, in general, she can apply for a change of status from her current status to permanent resident status. The form can be download from uscis website. Usually within 2-3 months from the date the case filed, the applicant will receive a temporary authorization card, which will allowed her to work, regardless her case approved, pending or denied. And in most cases, within 6 months - 1 year, she'll receive her permanent resident card, if approved.

What countries allow non-citizens to own firearms?

The US for one. The requirements here are that you be a citizen, a resident alien, OR that you are here legally, and have a hunting license. Most nations that have hunters that come to that nation to visit allow at least certain firearms to be owned by "non-citizens". Big game hunting in Africa, bird hunting in South America, etc. PS- my wife is not a citizen of the US- she is a British subject that is a permanent resident of the US- and she owns firearms legally.

Does a non US citizen have to sign up for the selective service too?

If they are an established permanent resident of the United States, yes.

What is a permanent resident?

A Permanent Resident is a non-citizen within a country other than one which they have citizenship for. Permanent Residency grants them all rights to live in that country for as long as they desire, with certain conditions. They do not have all rights of a citizen, such as voting and representation, however; Residency is normally the last step towards gaining citizenship.

What is a permanent resident Id?

Permanent resident Id is the green card, or the Immigration Permanent resident Id, that is received by foreigners that are legally residing in United States, without being Citizens, but gave them all the rights, except voting. For local purposes a resident Id could be your Driver License or Id from the DMV, MVA or whater way they call the Agency who provides car tags, driver licenses and Id for non-drivers that proof your local residence in a county and State.

Can a resident alien divorced from a non US citizen before entering the USA be sued for child support in th USA.?

well da

Can a non-citizen join the US army?

Yes, if they are a permanent resident of the US. However, a commissioned officer must be a citizen of the US.

Can a non-resident alien file for bankruptcy?

Yes you can file. Don't believe it will effect your status unless there is a crime that negates that status. Bankruptcy is not a crime.

How do you put non resident in a sentence?

I am a non resident in the country of Africa.