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Its #1 cause

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Q: None of the windows are working on your 2001 elantra is is a fuse?
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On a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu why would the power windows not work?

If none of them are working then you could have a master switch or relay defective.

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What is wrong with 2000 elantra no headlights no heat no power windows?

I'd start by checking the fuses, and if none are blown, then a ground wire might have come loose. If that's the case, you might want to have it checked by a competent mechanic. Or you can check it yourself if you're capable.

What is wrong when the instrument panel stop working in a 2003 Cadillac Escalade?

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If the master switch is broken will none of the windows work on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder The power windows and locks both won't work. Help?

if the master switch is broken none of your windows or locks will work you can find one at a local auto wreckers

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How do you change the dash lights in a Elantra 2001?

Do the interior lights work in the gear selector or the climate controls? If none of them work, suspect a fuse or something else. If it's just behind the gauges and all have gone out, then the board behind the gauges may be fried. But assuming none of those are the case, you'll need to remove the dash and the bulbs are located behind the gauges. Not a task for the timid.

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What can cause the back lights on a 1997 Hyundai Elantra to not work?

Check your fuses. If they are all good and none are blows, you probably have a short somewhere in the electrical lines.

Why will my Truck start but wont come out of park and none of the electronics ie windows lights work?

Check fuses (if stop lights are not working shift interlock will not release) Check fuse box for corrosion or loose fuses

Turn signal on 1995 Mercury grand marquis not working?

Replace the flasher relay if none of them are working.