Normally a prime consideration in designing a child's bedroom would be to ensure that the a prime consideration in designing a child's b?

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B: furnishings are sturdy
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Why would there be mucus in a child's stool?

Answer . If you are worried take the child to a doctor with a sample of the stool.\n. \nEveryone has mucus in their stool to some extent. The bowel is lined with mucous membrane which helps the passage of the stool.\n. \nSometimes it becomes excessive if there is an inflammation, or the bowel ( Full Answer )

What needs to be taken into consideration when designing a swimming pool?

Answer . \nmany things need to be taken into condsideration. For example, if you are a person who likes to swim laps you might want a longer pool. If you have a deep end, you might want a step to rest on in the deep end. When looking for tiles to go around the pool, look for those withe as li ( Full Answer )

What is consideration?

consideration is like accpetting/thinking about something that someone asked you like going out with them are going to a party and anything that you think this word means in your head then it can't be wrong.

Why is it important to give consideration to the printing process during the design phase?

For a successful design output it is important to give consideration to the printing process, it will involve in communicating with the printer if it is able to print your design in its current layout or not and also how much it will cost. Pre-press check list is vital as it gives flexibility to t ( Full Answer )

Name some OU design considerations?

OU design requires balancing requirements for delegating administrative rights - independent of Group Policy needs - and the need to scope the application of Group Policy. The following OU design recommendations address delegation and scope issues:. Applying Group Policy An OU is the lowest-level ( Full Answer )

What is the normal temperature for the child's head?

it should be the normal temperature of any body part: 98.6 First of all, an oral temp is normally 98.6 and the anus is about 90 . The armpit is about 92. So all body parts are different. For the forehead, a temperature just below 100 degrees F is normal. I hope this helped :)

What are some important considerations when designing a plumbing system?

Friction losses - Coefficient of expansion per degree of piping, fixture unit demand and drainage fixture units either sq ft or pumped discharge or waste /soil drainage. Velocity to prevent erosion and knowing where to use dielectric fittings to prevent electrostatic corrosion and knowing which bra ( Full Answer )

Would you say bares consideration or bears consideration?

The correct word to use is the verb form of "bears" wherein bears means to call for as suitable or essential, to warrant, vs. the word "bares" which means to show or reveal.. See related link below.

Describe eight consideration that should be taken into account when designing a new dish?

I don't know if there are Eight different things to consider, but there are a few. . 1: the eater's tastes. for example, if you're designing it for children, it will need to look colorful and doesn't need to be complex. . 2: the presentation. is it dessert, or an entree? if dessert, then use dark ( Full Answer )

What is a child's normal body temperature?

What is a childs normal body temperture? Well the average temperature for an adult is around 37 degrees. So I'm guessing it would be the same for a child.

What are design consideration in architecture?

1. Natural Lights 2. Security 3. Indoor Landscaping 4. Outdoor Landscaping 5. Fenestration (Front Elevation) 6. Finances 7. Home Design (exterior) 8. Interior Design etc.

Why is chromatic aberration a prime consideration in designing a telescope objective?

Chromatic aberration refers to the inability of a lense to focus all the wavelengths of light to the same point. Because of this, the images in a telescope will be less acurate and less focused. A large telescope with a huge aperture but very bad chromatic aberration would not be of much use to a sc ( Full Answer )

Should you consider your child's opinion when selecting bedroom furniture?

One of the things that is most important in giving a child self-confidence and self-worth is taking their opinions seriously, particularly in something as personal as their own bedroom. You should definitely consider what they like and want, giving them choices among the furniture you can afford, an ( Full Answer )

What considerations are involved in feasibility study in system analysis and design which consideration do you think most crucial and why?

There are three considerations in feasibility analysis :- 1). Economic Feasibility 2). Technical Feasibility 3). Behavioral Feasibility And I think that behavioral feasibility is most important because the introduction of new candidate system requires a special effort to educate, sell, and train t ( Full Answer )

What is the design consideration of spintronics modulator?

Design considerations of a Spintronics modulator include its shape, overall size, and the intended application. Each modulator is designed to fit a specific application which requires considerable engineering.

Who designed Optimus Prime truck?

A valuable part of Michael Bays team that deals with the mechanics. They once had only the "bones" of the truck and tricked it out to make it look like the Optimus Prime that we all know.

Which points should be kept in consideration while designing of software for a given application?

The key question is "How does the organization want to do business?" This should drive all other design tradeoffs. Of course, sometimes the cost of perfectly matching business goals is too high compared to more practical alternatives - thus the need to keep in mind cost as well as business direction ( Full Answer )

What is considerability?

Being capable of considering the well-being of other people, animals, things and etc. whatever in your decisions.

What would an interior designer look at when considering a bedroom furniture headboard for a stylish bedroom?

It is impossible to fairly answer this question, since it is a very personal opinion, but to be honest an interior designer would look at the style of the bedroom when considering a bedroom furniture headboard for a stylish bedroom. Furthermore he should be very concentrated on the style of the head ( Full Answer )

What should be taken into consideration when creating a CD design?

Considerations when creating a CD design include what you wish your design to look like, the colours printed on the CD (e.g. Pantone Colours), the dimensions of the booklet and tray card you wish to use, the colour profile and beginning by using RGB file formats for your creations.

What are a few major considerations in car design?

Few major considerations in car design are seats and fuel efficiency. One should purchase a car according to their needs like one should purchase a van if one has more than 5 members in the family.

What are some great colors for a child's bedroom?

Blue or green would be some great colors for a boy's bedroom. Pink or purple would be pretty for a girls bedroom. Colors for a child's bedroom is really a personal choice, and many stores offer a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Why is there a need designate a prime meridian?

With latitude, there's an obvious zero mark; the equator. The equator is a physical property of the real world, which isn't open to interpretation. With longitude, there is no obvious zero mark; any longitude would serve as well for zero as any other. The only "GOTCHA!" is that for longitude to be ( Full Answer )

How is the prime meridian designated or recognized?

"Meridians" are imaginary lines on the surface of the Earth thatconnect the north and south poles. Each meridian is made up of all the pointson Earth at one particular longitude. The Prime Meridian is the one that passes through the RoyalObservatory in Greenwich UK. By international agreement, it's ( Full Answer )