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the beaver

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What is North America's largest rodent?


What is the largest rodent found in North America?

The beaver.

Largest rodent in north America?

American beaver

What is the largest peninsula in North America?

Alaska is the largest peninsula in North America (indeed, largest in the Americas).

What is north americas largest island?


What is north Americas third largest country?

Mexico is North America's third largest country.

What is the largest country in the Americas?

Canada is the largest country by area in North and South America (and the second largest, after Russia, in the world).

The largest continent is located?

Asia is the largest continent. It is to the east of Europe and north of Australia and west of the Americas.

North Americas largest fresh water lake?

Lake Superior in Michigan.

What is the largest nation in North America and in South America?

In North America, Canada the largest nation by land area. In South America, it is Brazil. For both the Americas, Canada is the largest.

What is a carnivourous North American rodent?

its a rodent that eats meant and lives in north America

Americas largest mountain system?

The Rockies (North America) and Andes (South America)

What is the largest country in namerica?

Canada is the largest country in North America. The US is the most populous. (The same remains for all of the Americas).

What type of animal is a castor canadensis?

The castor canadensis is more commonly known as the North American beaver, the largest rodent in the United States. The name can refer to the North American or the Canadian beaver.

What is North America's smallest rodent?


What is the second largest land area in the world?

The second largest land area of the world is the Americas (continents of North and South America). If you mean countries, China has the 2nd largest land area.

What is north Americas largest inland body of salt water?

I dont know for sure, but my guess would be Lake Ontario.

Are lake Maracaibo and lake Titicaca the largest lakes in the Americas?

No. They are the largest in South America, but the Great Lakes (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Ontario) in North America are larger.

Semiaquatic rodent native to North America?

The beaver.

Is there a North American rodent beginning with m?


What is a north American rodent beginning with l?


What is the name of a Burrowing rodent of North America?


What is a north American beaver like amphibious rodent?


Is Brazil the third largest country by geographical area?

Yes, Brazil is the third largest country on the American continents. It's the largest country in South America. Its total area is 3,287,612 square miles [8,514,877 square kilometers]. It's the third largest country in the Americas [North and South].Canada is the largest in the Americas with 3,855,100 square miles [9,984,670 square kilometers]. The United States is the second largest in the Americas with 3,717,813 square miles [9,629,091 square kilometers].Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. Greater in size are Russia, Canada, China, and the United States.

Is North America and the Americas the same?

No. North America is a single continent while the Americas is a "supercontinent" that combines the two continents of North and South America.