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Q: Noun phrase for the trees swayed in the wind. Thee snake slithered through the grassThe dog stole a bone The children ate the bread?
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What is the prepositional phrase in her snake slithered under the couch?

The prepositional phrase is "under the couch".

What is a prepositional phrase the snake slithered or under the bush or the cat meowed or watched the show?

Under the bush, ''under'' is the preposition.

The phrase through thick and thin means?

the phrase through thick and thin means

What is the possessive noun in the phrase the telephone of the children?

There is no possessive noun unless you change the phrase to read, 'the children's telephone'. In this example the possessive noun is children's.

What is the verb phrase of After the movie the children were running to the bus stop.?

"The children were running to the bus stop." The verb phrase is "were running."

What is the verb phrase of after the movie the children were running to the bus stop?

"The children were running to the bus stop." The verb phrase is "were running."

Example of a adj phrase?

An adjective phrase is a prepositional phrase (begins with a preposition) that modifies a noun or pronoun. (A phrase does not contain a verb and its subject.)1- My dog is the frisky one in the water. (modifies one)2- The children thought the tunnel through the mountainwas dark and spooky. (modifies tunnel)

The children did not want to wait until dinnertime. Identify the phrase in bold.?

Gerund phrase

What was the gerund phrase in One of your favorite sounds is children singing?

children singing

What is the preposition in the following sentence We had to hike through the woods?

The preposition is through. The prepositional phrase "through the woods" is an adverbial phrase modifying the verb "hike."

What is infinite phrase?

the children were asked to play quietly

Is Two children look in a noun?

No it's a phrase. Nouns are a person, place, thing, or idea. A phrase has more than one word each of which is its own part of speech. Your phrase is "Two children look in" Two is an adjective. Children is a noun. Look is a verb. In is a preposition.

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