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1 lane is the lane "fast lane" all the way to left, it counts up after that ---- When facing the direction of traffic flow, traffic lanes are numbered from left to right. The lane closest to the center median is the number 1 lane.

The "slow" lane (closest to freeway entrance/exits) is numbered according to the total number of lanes. (anywhere from 2 to 6)

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Q: Number 1 lane on freeway
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Lane 1 on a five lane freeway is?

The left most lane

Which lane is the best lane to drive in on a freeway?

fast lane

What is the freeway division called?

If you are referring to a freeway division (as in on the road), the answer is "lane." (:

What is the Width of freeway lane?


A diamond lane on the freeway?

Indicates a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

What does the diamond mean on a freeway?

On a freeway/highway, the lane which contains the diamond like shape is a separate travel lane. Specifically this lane is dedicated to the "ride share" and/or individuals carpooling.

A diamond lane on the freeway is called a High Occupancy or HOV lane?


A diamond lane on the freeway is called what?

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle - lane.

On the freeway the left lane is generally to be used for?

Passing....that would be the passing lane...

On a freeway the left lane is generally to be used for?


When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should?

When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should use the right hand land or 'thru lane' except when passing. If the right hand lane is designated for slower traffic or for exiting traffic, you'd use the lane to the left of it.

Diamond lane on the freeway Indicates a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane?

The question is a true statement.

When driving on a 3 lane freeway you should know that?

If there are 3 lanes on your side of the freeway, the right-hand lane is there for vehicles to merge onto the freeway and it is the place for slower moving vehicles to drive; such as big rigs or cars towing anything. The lane in the middle is the passing lane for slow moving traffic, and it is the lane for primary travel of other than slow moving vehicles. The lane to the far left is for passing only, except when designated for specific use, like a carpool lane.

When your driving on the freeway that has three or more lanes in one direction which lane is best to drive?

in the center lane

You can legally pass on the right Using the exit lane on the freeway?

No, you can't.

What does the diamond lane on the freeway mean?

A diamond lane on the freeway means it is a special lane on a highway or street that is reserved for a specific type of traffic (such as cars carrying more than one passenger). These lanes are also meant for the drivers who are not exiting any time soon.

Do I have to pull over for police or emergency vehicles that are traveling in the fast lane of a freeway if I am in the slow lane?

You have to pull in front of it.....repededly

What number lane is the fast lane?

#1 lane. The lanes are numbered from left to right.

What is an extra lane that permits a vehicle to reach freeway speeds called?


If you are continually being passed on the right and the left while driving in the center lane of a three-lane freeway you should?

you should safely change to the right lane

When traveling at a safe speed on a freeway which lane can be selected to allow others to switch lanes?

Drivers intending to stay on the highway/freeway should stay in the right lane or the lane designated as a through-lane. The only times you should move left is to allow vehicles to merge from a right side on ramp (and move back to the right lane as soon as you can), or to pass slower traffic already in the right lane (then move back to the right lane when it is safe to do so). If a freeway provides a "slower" lane and you drive slower than the maximum speed allowed, you should use the slower lane. But never hog the passing lane just to keep driving in it; move over and let faster traffic pass you.

You can enter or exit the carpool lane as soon as?

Entering and exiting the carpool lane on the freeway is regulated by the type of line on the right hand side of the lane. The driver can enter or exit the lane only when the lane is not bordered by a white solid line.

How do you exit if you are driving in lane 1 of a 4 lane freeway?

SAFELY merge into and through the slower lanes of traffic. If you cannot do so before your exit is reached, continue on the next exit by driving in Lane 4 - exit there and then return one exit to your original destination.

What is A diamond lane on the freeway?

HOV lane, which is for vehicles with two or more passengers. This us intended to reduce traffic and give preference to those who carpool.

What is a diamond lane on the freeway called?

HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle) 2+ passengers must be in the vehicle while driving in said lanes.