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Number of human races?


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February 03, 2009 1:34AM

Just one - the race from rapid growth after we're born, to a steady decline in our later years, where the last one standing, loses. We are all one race genetically - differing less than one tenth of one percent from orang-utangs or oranges, yet we are as diverse as sand grains on a beach (actually, most coral beaches are made from the anal excretions of parrotfish, and comprise crunched-up coral with the nourishment extracted...), and that's before we get into the differences between genders. From a male point of view, each female is so different from us as to be another species, which leaves around half the world's population as unique examples of another race. So if women think the same about us, we become one race, with as many different sub species as there are people on this planet.