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It is generally reckoned that in optimum conditions about 5770 stars are visible to the naked eye - a trivial proportion of the total visible to the assisted eye.
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How many stars are visible from earth?

This really various depending on where you are, however all together, it is very hard to know. If you merely look in the right place, you will instantly see thousands upon thousands of stars, using a telescope however, this then becomes millions. This cant be calculated accurately, because it would ( Full Answer )

Why is the moon visible from earth?

For the same reason that the stars are visible from Earth - most of the space in between is completely empty, and air is transparent. You can't see stars (other than the sun) during the day because the sun is bright enough that it illuminates the air enough to overpower them, like a single person wh ( Full Answer )

About how many stars are visible from earth without a telescope?

From : "Of the billions and billions of stars in the heavens, only about 6,000 can be seen from the earth without a telescope. And about a quarter of these 6,000 stars cannot be seen from most lands north of the equator." ( Full Answer )

Why is the moon visible to us on Earth?

Well the answer is that the light from the sun bounces off the moon and thankfully the moon is close enough to earth that we can clearly see the Moon in the night sky.

What is the furthest visible star?

The furthest star - it has to be visible by some means to be detected, will be around the edge of the visible universe. See related question.

What is the greatest number of full moon phases visible from earth?

Providing there is a full moon on the 1st Jan and a lunar month as 29.53 days, there would be a total of 13 full moons throughout the year with the last being 20th/21st December, depending on leap year. The number of total phases (from new moon to new moon, or indeed full moon to full moon) is just ( Full Answer )

When can Cancer the star be visible from Earth?

There is no star named Cancer. Cancer is a constellation, a collection of stars. The constellation Cancer has no particularly bright or memorable stars. In the northern hemisphere, it is visible any evening after about 8 AM, when it rises about mid-way between Orion and the Big Dipper.

Are stars visible in the daytime?

Only very rarely; when a supernova occurs in our galaxy it can be visible in daylight. The last such event was in 1604.

What makes a star visible?

The emission of energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, such as gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, visible light, microwaves, and radio waves. These emissions are all measurable and are also used to determine how far the star is and how fast/far it is moving away from ( Full Answer )

What would the visibility of a star depends on?

The visibility of a star depends on a couple of things: how close the star is to us, its level of visibility (we can only see things in our limited spectra of visible light, we cannot see gamma rays and radio rays). The temperature of a star also determines its colour and we can see brighter stars ( ( Full Answer )

When is Alkaid Star Visible?

The star Alkaid is the star at the tip of the handle of the Big Dipper. It is normally visible any evening in the northern hemisphere temperate regions.

Why are stars are visible in the night sky?

The stars are visible in the night sky because the sun is brighter than the stars, and at night, of course, there is no sun, so you can see the stars only in the night sky

When is Sirius the star visible?

The star Sirius rises about 10 PM in this season (November 21, 2009), depending on your location. Can you find the constellation Orion? Wait until about 11PM, and look low in the east. Follow the line of Orion's Belt back down toward the horizon, and Sirius is the very bright star. Off to the left, ( Full Answer )

Will stars always be visible on planet earth?

No. For a start, there will not always be stars. A time will come when the stars stop shining, and there is not enough material in the Universe to form new stars. No. For a start, there will not always be stars. A time will come when the stars stop shining, and there is not enough material in the U ( Full Answer )

Why are more stars visible in the country?

There is less light pollution in rural areas so the sky is more visible. Plus, rural areas have more lights ans buildings and what not, making the stars not visible.

When is the ''north star'' visible?

In the northern hemisphere (north of about 5 degrees north), the north star Polaris is visible during any nighttime hours, weather permitting.

When is the moon visible from earth?

Answer: As long as the moon is in your hemisphere, and is not blocked by the shadow of earth. i.e. you would not be able to see the moon if you lived in russia and the moon was orbiting above south america, since part of the actual earth is blocking your view

Why is the north star always visible?

It is not visible during the day, of course, or when it's obscured by clouds. Also, it's not visible south of the equator, and may be below the horizon parts of the year from places south of the Tropic of Cancer. The reason it's "always visible" is because it's nearly overhead at the north pole ( Full Answer )

Where are the stars visible all year?

In space, outside our atmosphere, the stars are always visible. The reason you can't see the stars all the time here on Earth is because our atmosphere scatters the sunlight so that the entire sky appears bright. But you can see stars - at least one or two - in plain daylight many places on Earth ( Full Answer )

Why is it that stars are not visible at night?

The only reason why stars would not be visible at night are because of weather and obscures the sky, or you are inside. In urban areas, the light pollution is sometimes severe enough to obscure all except the brightest stars.

What is visible light from the stars?

The light is the same as you see from the sun. It is ordinary light that has traveled extraordinary distances over unimaginably long periods of time to reach us here on earth. All the individual stars that you see in the night sky are in the Milky Way, our galaxy. These stars are orbiting the ce ( Full Answer )

What percentage of stars visible from earth are visible at the north pole?

Right now? September 5, 2010? None at all; the Sun is still up at the North Pole, and will be until September 21. And the Sun won't be far enough below the horizon to see stars for another week or so after that. (Aside from the fact that there is nobody at the North Pole.) After mid-October, if t ( Full Answer )

What comet is currently visible from earth?

In mid-September 2011, the following comets are brighter than magnitude 12 as seen from Earth: -- P/2007 R5 SOHO -- C/2010 X1 Elenin -- 45P Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova -- C/2009 P1 Garradd .

Why is mercury not visible from earth?

It is visible, but not obviously as a planet. It is millions of miles away, and appears as a very bright star near the horizon, shortly before dawn or shortly after sunset. For some of the year, it is invisible because it appears too close to the Sun.

Is mars visible from earth with a telescope?

Mars is visible from earth with the naked eye part of the time, though it appears to the naked eye to be a bright, reddish "star". Mars has "good" years and "bad" years for viewing. This year, and most of 2012 are "bad" for viewing Mars. To see it at it's best this year, look towards the southeast n ( Full Answer )

Are stars only visible at night?

Yes, because during the day, the sun's brightness is about 500X stronger than the one of a star. So because of this, the stars are almost impossible to see. Unless you have a super powerful telescope, you can't see the stars during the day.

What if a visible star supernova in your eyesight?

if u can see a visible supernova,that will probably be your last vision....after that your eyes will be damaged coz a supernova is 1 which produces a temp which is equal to the core temp of the sun or even greater

What time stars visible tonight?

As soon as the sun sets and it begins to get dark, stars slowly start to come out. As it gets dark at different times on different days, then the answer is different each day. Bright stars come out first. So sometimes there are bright stars that will appear earlier. It can be interesting trying to s ( Full Answer )

Why are craters visible on the moon and not earth?

Unlike Earth, the moon has no geologic activity, not atmosphere,and no water to erode, bury, or otherwise destroy craters. Exceptfor newer impact craters, the moon's surface has changed relativelylittle since soon after its formation while none of Earth'soriginal surface is still intact.

Are the stars only visible at night?

Yes . But there are stars in the morning, itjust cannot be seen. That is because the sun is brighter than thestars, while in the night, the moon is a reflection of the sun(light) so the stars are brighter and is clearly visible.

What makes the moon visible from the earth?

The general answer most people know about why the moon shines is that it reflects the light of the Sun. This is basically true. The moon basically bounces or relays sunlight from the Day side of the Earth to it’s night side.

Are stars visible from space?

Yes. In fact, you can see more from space, as there is no atmosphere to look through and you can see much more of the sky. You also don't have day and night, like you do when you are on the surface of a planet. So you can see stars at any time.

Are all visible stars in your galaxy?

No. The vast majority of stars in our galaxy are too far away tosee, and many are hidden behind clouds fo gas and dust.

Why do the star patterns visible from earth change with the seasons?

As the year progresses the earth moves around the sun. We can seethe stars which are on the far side of the earth from the sun. Atdifferent times of the year, the region of space the earth's nightside points to is different. If you have problems visualising it,put a lamp or an orange in the middle o ( Full Answer )