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Number one sport in America?


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American Football, although Baseball is a WorldWide popular sport.


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in all of north and south America the number 1 sport played is soccer.

Football and basketball

The excitement, the speed, personalities, and of course the wrecks.

soccer! is the number one sport in the world

It depends on the country, but the vast majority of countries play either football ( soccer) or baseball as their primary sport. For example, in Nicaragua, football is the number one sport, but in Panama the number one sport is baseball.

The number one spectator sport is NASCAR .

American football is the number one sport in the US.

Football (soccer) is by far the world's number one sport.

It is American football even though it is number one in America, and growing in popularity outside the US, soccer is still the world's best sport.

By far it is Football (or Soccer as it is known in America).

Association football or soccer is the number one sport that every player participates.

Major League Baseball was by far the most popular professional sport in the 1960's. By the 1980's, it was replaced by NFL Football.

no soccer is the most watched sport in america. UFC is a great sport and entertaining but soccer is all over the globe and every one watches FIFA.

In Italy I believe the #1 sport is soccer.

i think the number one college in America is Harvard

fishing is America's number one outdoor recreation.

no its a world sport. but all its tracks every every where except the America.

The NFL attracts the most television viewers in America. Baseball has the largest ticket sale revenue in America due to it's 162 game schedule, compared to the NFL's 16 game schedule.

The #1 Fan followed sport in the U.S is Nascar

Football by FAR. That's one thing America is proud of, our football.

the national sport of South America is football.

football is the number one top sport in the world and chelsea football club is the best football club in the world!

The number one killer in America is CVD cardio vascular diseases. is mostly....

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