Occurs when light from the sun is cut off?


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An eclipse occurs when one celestial object passes directly between the sun and another celestial object and casts a shadow on that second object.

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No, a rough diamond is cut in such a way that the facets reflect external light (sun-light, room lighting, etc).

The moon reflects sun light. The moon doesn't give off light - it reflects the light given off by the sun.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun, whereas a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is directly in the middle of the Sun and the moon and thus the Earth completely blocks off all the light from the moon.

light to make heat The the sun burns off the gas from the center of when the sun was made.So it produces heat and light

The Innermost part of the sun gives off most light and energy

Plants produce photosynthesis from the light energy given off by the sun. The process of photosynthesis occurs in the plant's leaves.

because when a solar flare occurs a ball of fire is shot out away from the sun resulting in a bright flash

no. you can see some light but you cant see the sun.

because they are attracted to the light and the sun gives off light

Yes the sun gives off its own energy

Well actually the sun gives the moon light. It does it by the sun shining on the moon which makes it reflect off light.

The Sun is a star. Stars make their own light.

Technically, the sun. Light is just a result of rays cast from the electromagnetic spectrum of hydrogen. The sun, does not give off light. Rather, it gives off heat. Heat from the sun causes ice to melt.

it gives off light for 12 hours

Giving off light, as a light source. The sun, a light bulb, and a candle are all luminous. The moon is not because it does not give off its own light but reflects it from the sun; it is illuminated.

Light reflects off the moon by hitting the it from the sun. This light wave bounces into earth. When there is no moon, it means that the earth is blocking the sun from the moon and no light can get through.

RAINBOW usually occurs because of the refletion of the light of the sun.

The Sun gives off more invisible light because the Sun gives off all the light in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Radiowaves, Microwaves, UV rays, Visible light, X-Rays and Gamma Rays. I might have missed some but I think I got all of them. The only kind of light we can see is Visible light. Therefore, the Sun gives off more invisible light then visible light.

The light and heat given off by the sun are actually high energy produced by nuclear fusion of hydrogen.

The moon is getting light off the reflection of the sun.

the light from the sun refects off the moon

no the light on the moon is from the sun

No. The moon reflects light off the sun.

Light from the moon is a reflection of light from the sun, the moon only appears to give off light because its reflective lunar dust the reflects liight from the sun

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