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Many types of consumer credit are available which have high interest rates. The ones which tend to have the highest interest rates are what are known as payday and title loans.


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for nova net it is banks cuz they use the credit system fer your credit account which means they pay now n u pay later... n if u dont pay later then they can put it on ur credit score... which will hurt ur future btw...~nova net master of ninjutsu~

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There are many places where one can find consumer credit counselors. One can find consumer credit counselors at popular on the web sources such as Care One and American Consumer Credit Counseling.

Locating information on settling credit card debt is readily available at many credible sources online. The information can be obtained from the Consumer Information site provided by the government. There are also many private companies with information available.

Two of the most highly respected sources for reviews on automobiles are Car and Driver and Consumer Reports, both of which are available in print and online. Other reputable sources for reviews are US News and World Report, Edmunds and the Car Gurus.

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One can get some consumer credit counseling from various sources online and offline. Some websites online where one can get counseling are Consumer Credit, No More Debts and Step Change.

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