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Humans, bears if they pose a great threat but a pack may not be affected by a bear as much as by a hunter or intruder.

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Q: Of what animals are wolves afraid?
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Why aren't wolves afraid bigger animals?

they kill in packs and they arent afraid to get food for there group

What are wolves afraid of?

Wolves are afraid of humans.

Are wolves afraid of water?

wolves are not afraid of water

Why are wolves afraid of water?

wolves can't really be afraid of water considering they drink it

Why are wolves afraid of humans?

Many animals are wary of humans, especially if the animal has been shot at before.

Why is Miyax not afraid of the wolves in Julie of the Wolves?

Miyak is not afraid of the wolves because her father once had to live off a pack of wolves and they were kind and showed hospitality.

Odysseus' men are afraid of the wolves and lions they meet outside Circe's house because the animals are?

It's because the animals are so tame

Are wolves afraid of moving water?

Wolves are not afraid of moving water. They drink water from rivers and streams when they are in the wild.

Why aren't wolves afraid of bigger animals?

Well, they may be when they are alone, but when they are with their pack, they have very good strategies and things like that.

What are evil wolves afraid of in The Hobbit?

the wolves are afraid the sword that gandalf has Glamdring, Foe-hammer that the king of Gondolin once wore.

Are wolves mythical?

no, Wolves are real animals.

Why do wolves eat large hoofed animals?

wolves dont only eat hoofed animals, wolves eat a lot of animals. They are carnivores. They eat hoofed animals because they have meat, and that is what the wolves have to eat.

For what do humans use wolves?

Humans...Farmers...hunters; use wolves for their fur to stuff as a trophy. At least that is what hunters do. Farmers kill these gorgeous animals because of them killing their cattle or at least afraid that they will

How will the gray wolves disapperance affect mankind?

wolves kill and eat sick and injured animals with altogether help the animals they ate...SAVE THE WOLVES!!! wolves kill and eat sick and injured animals with altogether help the animals they ate...SAVE THE WOLVES!!!

Where do rainforest wolves live?

Wolves are not rainforest animals.

Why do farmers think wolves are so bad?

because they thought that the wolves were hurting theirlivstock and they were afraid that the wolves would come after them.

What animals hunt the gray wolves?

No animals hunt gray wolves except for humans. Sometimes, however, bears may kill wolves, or wolves may kill other wolves.

How do wolves interact with other animals?

Wolves eat animals that they can catch such as deer, elk, and rabbits.

How do some animals hide from wolves?

some animals hide from wolves by blending in with nature camouflage

Are wolves meant to be in packs?

Yes. Wolves are pack animals.

What do wolves do to protect themselves?

Grey wolves hunt in packs together so that big animals wont get a chance to attack, but instead of the big animals hunting grey wolves, grey wolves hunt the big animals.

Are wolves more smart than other animals?

Wolves are not the smartest animals. Apes and gorillas are the smartest

What is a sentence for 'wolves'?

Life in any zoo is a harsh sentence for any of those wolves. I was afraid to guess at how soon the wolves would return. It is not my fault that I was raised by wolves.

Do wolves go in houses?

Wolves, in most circumstances, will probably too afraid to go near human society. By the way, I LOVE wolves. :)

What animal are Chinese people afraid of?

Wolves, big cats, black bears, brown bears, crocodiles, and pythons are animals that many chinese people are scared of.