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Gram staining is a process for the detection of structure and morphology of bacteria.

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Why gram staining is important?

Gram staining is important because to differentiate between gram positive and gram negative

Gram staining is done to determine?

Gram staining is done to determine

What is the value of gram staining?

Gram staining is highly valuable. It allows us to identify two widely different bacteria. Gram staining can tell you if the bacteria is pathogenic or if a penicillin pill can cure it. It tells us gram-positive bacteria, or gram-negative. Positive being easily combated bacteria and some even helpful, and gram-negative being primarily pathogenic.

Who developed Gram staining?

Gram staining was devised by Hans Christian Gram of Denmark in the 1800s. (1853-1938)

List the steps of the gram staining procedure in order?

list the steps of the gram staining procedure

What is the purpose of gram's iodine in gram staining?

Gram's Iodine acts as a mordant in gram staining.

What is a basic dye as used in gram staining?

A basic dye used in gram staining is crystal violet.

Is gram staining related to flagella?

No. It is a staining on the cell itself.

In microbiology what is gram positive staining and gram negative staining and acid fast staining?

Gram stain is used to determine whether the cell is gram positive or negative. Gram positive is when the cell has very thick layers of peptidoglycan, and gram negative when the layers are thin. In the staining process, those that decolorize easily are gram negative, and the one that retain the primary stain are gram positive. The acid fast staining is a techique that stains only the gram positive and only the genuses of mycobacterium, nocardia, and actinomycetes.

Why young cultures are used in gram staining?

Cultures that are older have the possibility to turn from Gram Postive to Gram Negative thus altering the results of the Gram staining test.

What are the three basic Theories on the principle of gram staining reactions?

Gram staining is the way for people to get knowledge about their specimen , if it is gram negative or gram positive. Gram positive have thick walls and stains purple, gram negative has thin walls and will turn pink after gram staining and bacteria with spores and endospores will show up clear or see through because it cant stain with gram staining dye.

Purpose of gram staining method?

To determine if bacteria is gram positive or gram negative

What is the morphology of pseudomonas aeruginosa in gram staining?

Gram negative bacilli

Why gram staining is classified as differential staining?

Differential staining is the procedure that are used to distinguish organism based on their staining properties. Use of gram stain divide bacteria into two classes - gram positive which retain crystal violet stain purple colour, gram negative which lose their crystal violet and give pink colour. By this method we can differentiate two different types of bacteria having different cell wall composition that is the reason gram staining used widely as differential staining

What colour are gram-negative bacteria following gram staining?

Gram negative bacteria stain red or pink because of the retaining counter staining dye (Safranin).

Is polio gram positive or gram negative?

Neither. Polio is a virus and is not affected by gram staining.

What staining techniques is the most valuable in microbiology?

Gram / Ziel Nelsen / Auramine / Negative staining / Capsular or Indian Ink staining/ Differential staining

What color are gram-negative organisms after gram staining?

Pink- Gram negative Purple-Gram positive :)

What is the importance of establishing gram staining reaction and morphology in the identification of the bacterial isolate?

if you don't establish gram staining reaction and morphology in the identification of the bacterial isolate, you won't know the gram staining reaction properties and morphology identities of the bacterial isolate.

What is the decolorizing agent in gram staining?


What is the decolorizer in gram staining?

ethyl alcohol

What is gram staining used to distinguish?


Why is safrinin used in gram staining?

as a couterstain

What are the colony characteristics and Gram staining of bacillus circulans?

Gram Positive Rods

Why use gram staining when testing for gonorrhea?

In males, gram staining may be sufficient to diagnose chlamydia. In women, it is not sufficient, as other non-pathogenic diplococci may have the same gram stain.

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