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Oil and water mixture in a car?

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Blown head gasket if you're lucky.

Cracked block if you're not. Fix it quick.

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Is a mixture of oil and water a pure substance?

A mixture of oil in water is a mixture.

Why does a mixture of oil and water behave differently from a mixture of milk and water?

Oil has a differenty density so usually oil will (vegetable oil or car oil?) stay at the top while water sinks to the bottom, water and milk have almost equal densities so it's easier for them to mix.

Is oil and water mixture or solution?

yes water is a mixture and oil is a solution

What type of mixture is an oil and water?

Oil an water are not miscible: a nonhomogeneous mixture.

Is oil and water is substance or element?

A mixture of oil and water is a mixture, not an element. If by substance you mean not a pure substance (element or compound), then oil and water would be a substance (that is a mixture). If you mean oil and water separately, then oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons, and water is a compound (pure substance).

Is a heterogeneous mixture oil and vinegar air vinegar in water sugar water?

Oil and vinegar is a heterogeneous mixture.

Is water and oil a heterogeneous mixture?

Water and oil is a heterogeneous mixture. Oil can be separated from water via specific methods. That's why a combination of water and oil is heterogeneous.

Is water and oil homogenous or heterogenous mixture?

Water is a compound and crude oil is a hetrogeneous mixture.

Is water and oil an element compound or mixture?

Water and oil do not mix with each other. It is a mixture.

Is water and oil a solution or a mixture?


Is oil and water a mixture or compound?

Oil and water is neither a compound, mixture, solution..etc. but an emulsion.

Is cooking oil an homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture?

homogeneous mixture

Is oil and water hetero or homo?

The oil-water mixture is not homogeneous.

Does the time taken for a mixture of oil water and emulsifier to separate depends on the volume of the emulsifier in the mixture?

Yes as The amount of emulsifier in the mixture of water and oil is increased the time taken for the oil and water to separate is increased.

Is oil and water in a beaker classified as a solution?

No. Oil and water would form a heterogeneous mixture. A solution is a homogeneous mixture.

Would oil and water be a mechanical mixture?

Yes, oil and water are a mechanical (physical) mixture. It's not chemical as neither the oil nor the water "change" their chemical nature.

Is oil and water a homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Oil and water form a heterogenous mixture.

How do you separate water from from a mixture of oil and water?

Oil is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't actually dissolve in water. If you have a mixture of oil and water, let the solution sit for a while, and the two substances will eventually separate, with the oil on top.

A mixture of oil and water is?


What are the examples of mixture of water that can be separated?

oil and water

The oil mixed with water is an example of a mixture called what?

This is a heterogeneous mixture.

Can colored water and oil be considered a mixture?

yes, a heterogeneous mixture.

What is an immiscible mixture?

an immiscible mixture is a mixture that is not able to be mixed together eg oil and water

What are examples of a heterogeneous mixture?

Oil and water. Sand and water.

Is oil and water a homogeneous mixture?