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Sounds like u may need a lawyer for proper intervention. No legal interpretation here...not qualified...but fairly familiar with vehicle transactions as a liscensed dealer in Fl....and as such I can see some problems that may apply. Most states have similar statutes that say if you are selling..or representing to sell a vehicle that is not your own you must be a liscensed dealer..(its all about control and $$). There are some specific exemptions..but mostly the idea is we cannot just be dealing in open titles as individuals or dealers...and for good reason as these problems arise. Before he 'sold' it to you he probably should have actually 'bought' it paid the state for title work and sales tax. This is usually where the problem is....acting like a dealer...which he could legally do if he jumped thru the hoops and got himself liscensed...but then he couldn't deal so freely and slipshod. What to do now you say...I'd say shed yourself of this problem in one manner or another...or get a lawyer if situation warrants it...but then you both may lose. Best of luck.

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Q: Ok heres the deal private seller sold you a dumptruck and trailer for 4000 you paid 3300 for it Now he is wanting to repo it on a clean title he never had in his name to begin with?
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