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Acier special means Special steel, and barrels marked this way are only on FN sales guns, not Browning. FN produced the guns for sale outside the US and were not imported to be sold by the Browning Co. The FN version is mechanically the same as the Browning version, but markings and finish may be different.

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The words fond acier inoxydable are French for stainless steel back. You can't tell the manufacturer from that but you may have the name on the movement.

Call Browning with the sn and they can tell you.

Call Browning with the serial number.

Call Browning and give them the sn and they can tell you

Call Browning with the sn and they can tell you.

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Call Browning with the serial number.

Yes we can. What you have is a Browning Auto 5 Shotgun made in 1938. If the Barrel and or receiver says "Browning Arms, St. Louis Mo", then it is a Browning. If the Barrel says "acier special" then it is an FN model intended for sales outside the US. Next, if the barrel ring that goes around the magazine has three holes drilled through it, it is probably a Sweet 16. If not, then it is a standard weight 16ga gun. Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Auto 5's with poly-chokes, compensators and recoil pads (other than Mag 12's) will reduce value.

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Call Browning with the serial number.

Browning doesn't make the boots - this is a licensed product. The Brown Outdoor and Work Group web site doesn't mention anything like a repair facility, but the customer care center 1-800-441-4319 can tell you more.

No way to tell from the SN.

Good rifle. Browning does histor letters if you need more info.

Contact Browning with the serial number. They can identify the manufacture date.

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Go to and search the Browning serial number tables.

For a nominal fee of @ $40, Browning will provide a letter.

Browning has sn data available on their webiste under Customer Service.