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Q: On Latam, how many bags can you carry without extra charge?
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How many bags can be checked on Alaska airlines flights without an extra charge?

"one" carry-on bag and may exceed the carry-on dimensions as long as they can be safely accommodated in a proper stowage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft.

How do you spell opcialnal?

The correct spelling is optional (not required, not provided without extra charge).

Can you take inside the plane the home theater speaker?

The size of the allowed carry-ons vary from airline to airline. Some charge for extra carry on, some charge for every piece. Any box larger than a laptop case will have to be checked as parcel baggage. There may be extra charges for this, too.

How many carry on bags can be brought on a plane?

This varies between airlines, however often you can take two bags at an extra charge.

Is there an extra charge in the WWE network?

Yes there is a extra charge it is not $9.99 a month it is a little over charge making it $10.59

If an object has extra electrons what kind of charge does it have?

If an object has extra electrons, it will surely have negative charge.

When an atom has a extra electrons it will have what charge?

Negative charge.

Will the airlines charge you extra if you travel with a large dog in a travel cage?

Most airlines only allow you one carry on bag for free, anything else will be extra. The dog will have to travel in cargo so there will be a huge surcharge for this.

I am 14 years old and weigh 9.2 stone and I am 5ft8 am I over weight?

You are most certainly not overweight! You are lucky to have extra height "5'8" and could carry even an extra stone (10.2) without looking overweight. Your fine! Keep calm and carry on.

Does Gift Experience charge extra for personalization?

Gift experience does charge extra for personalization. How much extra they charge depends on how much you personalize your gift. Try to keep it to a minimum while still keeping it unique.

Will a plastic comb with extra electrons have a positive charge?

No the answer is that it has an negitive charge

What airlines don't charge extra fees for checked luggage in the US?

Southwest Airlines ( allows two checked bags at no extra charge. Jet Blue ( and Alaska Airlines/Horizen Air ( allow one checked bag without an extra charge. (See the airlines' websites for size, weight or other restrictions.) Note: The above information is as of Nov. 17, 2008.

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