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If the check engine light is flashing the engine is misfiring. Most likely a bad ignition coil.

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Q: On 1999 Toyota sienna your check engine light starts to flash when rpm indicator goes above four?
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Why do Toyota dash lights stay on after engine starts?

A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain on after engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause these lights to stay on after the engine starts.

Where is the throttle plate in Toyota Sienna located?

If you remove the large (3-4" diameter) rubber tube that starts at the airbox and ends at the engine intake, you will see the throttle plate a couple inches inside the bore of the throttle body (where the hose was attached).

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After 50.000 miles or so. Also if the car starts to use more fuel than is normal, or if the engine starts to lose power or if the engine starts to get too noisy.

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How do you know if a Toyota Sienna has a bad thermostat?

you can check your engine codes of the module. Is it seized up? Is your engine getting hot? The module will show pending codes even if your "check engine" light isn't on. Another way to check is a little more simple... 1. take your radiator cap off. 2. do this when the car is cool to avoid injury. 3. turn your car on and let it idle for 10 minutes. see if the water in the radiator starts moving. If it doesn't and your engine temp. gauge starts to rise above normal operating temperature, then you have a faulty thermo stat.

When will the 2006 Sienna be out?

Production starts after Labor Day. Dealers will have them some time after that. ed724

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Your Toyota Camry will start but will not acceleratewhat do you do?

If the engine starts and runs but will not respond the the accelerator have the throttle linkage checked. It sounds as if it may have become disconnected somehow.

Your 1986 Toyota sr-22 engine is smoking and has no power although it starts easily and idles well?

valve cover was leaking slightly before the power loss, and the engine has 140,000 miles on it.

What causes a 2002 Toyota Sienna to start but not stay running?

twice Toyota replaced the idling valve assembly in my 2001 sienna van, under the 36,000 mi warranty, since then I've had it replaced another 2 times. the mechanics say it's a defect in camryand sienna vans. so my last mechanic advised me to use better brand gas like chevron, which i guess helps coz i used to put any type from arco, vons, Costco, generic types. when the idling assy is replaced, it starts and idles fine, assy alone costs about $220-260+

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Your Honda GL1000 starts cold but engine dies after few minutes No spark until engine cools down ballast resistor ok Fuel to carbs ok Oil pressure indicator light goes out before engine crancs?

needs new coil or cdi box

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Why do in Toyota Prado SRS warning light stays on after engine starts?

shows a fault picked up by ecu.retrieve error code analise and repair.light will then go off

Mazda 323F 16i 1991 The engine runs but there is no turn signal indicator light no light in the dash board when I start the car but there is the emergency light what is the problem?

it starts but the oil light stay on

What indicator on a Mercedes-Benz has a bulb with exclamation mark?

Just had the same question and found the answer... According to my manual for a Mercedes-Benz 560SL 1986 It is the Exterior light failure indicator lamp. "The light failure indicator comes on with the key in steering lock posion2 and will go out when the engine starts. If it comes on with the engine running, it indicates a a light failure. If an exterior light fails, the indicator will come on only when that light is switched on. If a brake or turn signal lights fails, the light failure indicator will come on when applying the brake or actuating the turn signal and stay on until the engine is turned off. CAUTION! If additional lighting equiment is installed (auxiliary headlamps ect.) to avoid damage to the failure indicator system, be certain to connect into the fuse before the failure indicator monitor unit.

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