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The large pin with head at the top of the latch, holds the spring; spring may require plliers closing it some to make it fit over the head; over half an inch across head. The hook end of the spring goes toward the front of the car, bottom of the pin, and goes around the outside of the arm atatched to and hanging below the same pin. The straight end of the spring is on top toward the pan head end of the pin, pointing toward the driver side and catches under a hooked piece of sheet metal. Rotate the arm that swings from the pin the spring is attach to check the movement.

Only one spring for latch and one large spring attached to hood.

2007-08-07 17:27:20
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Q: On Delta 88 Oldsmobile where should the end of the second small spring on the left be attached to on the hood latch in order to make the hood latch fasten down?
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