On Drake and Josh what are Megan Drake and Josh's real names?

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Drake's real name is Drake Bell.
Josh's real name is Josh Peck.
Megan's real name is Miranda Cosgrove.
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What is Drake and Josh?

Drake and Josh is a show on Nick for teens and preteens. It is about two step brothers who live in San Diego (Drake Bell and Josh Peck) They are trying to live together as a family. Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) is their little sister who likes to play pranks on them. Josh works at The Premiere on the sh ( Full Answer )

Does vanessa like drake of drake and josh?

yes but they were only together once. maybe you should start going on drake bell wikepedia and search it up. cuz i bet you it has a lot of info on him! i know this cuz i looked him uo there and got the info i needed! ok just look up every one and stop asking us got it kk! hope that hope that helped ( Full Answer )

Who is drake and Josh?

drake and josh are two boys whos mum and dad get together and married so they become brothers with a very annoyin little sister who they think is evil.(evil lil sister is in icarly a new nickelodeon show)

Is Josh from 'Drake and Josh' dead?

LOL y'all would think he's dead last time y'all probally watched him was when he was 17 yrs old so he's probally in his 20's

Why did they cancel Drake and Josh?

I'd say probably not enough viewers. wrong answer....it was because Miranda (Megan) was going to icarly and she cant be Megan anymore cause icarly was really famous she had to do lots of shows they had a ton of viewers. and it was all stupid Miranda cosgrove's fault!! I miss drake and josh! :( ( Full Answer )

Who plays Megan on drake and josh?

Miranda Cosgrove, she is also in School of Rock, Unfabulous and plays the main charactor in Icarly. . she is one of the nic idols now and recognise by all nic heads so u will find stuff out about her on nic websites

Is the Chambrulay hotel in Drake and Josh go Hollywood real?

The Hotel Chambrulay is really the Marriott Marina Del Rey.. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/laxmb-marina-del-rey-marriott/. My son and I stayed there a month ago on vacation. He was watching Drake and Josh Go Hollywood tonight and thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, we compared picture ( Full Answer )

How old is Josh in Drake and Josh?

In the show (2004-2007) "Josh Nichols "was in high school (Hollywood Arts) for all 4 seasons. So he would have been between 14 and 18. Stars Josh Peck and Drake Bell were both 17 at the start of the series, and 22 when the sequel movie (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh) aired in 2008.

What is Josh from drake and Josh name?

His real name is Josh Peck, Drake's is Drake Bell, Megan's is Miranda Cosgrove, Walter's is Jonathan Goldstein, Drake's mom's is Nancy Sullivan, and Crazy Steve's is Jerry Trainor.

Who are Drake and Josh?

Um hello!!! It's like this super funny TV series that isn't on anymore. The sister is Miranda Crosgrove who is pretty cool. The only annoying thing was that anything they did never went right.

What is the mom's name on drake and josh?

I used to know, 1 way to know if you have a certain type of t.v.( Mitsubishi HD 1080) mute it then after like 5-10 minutes the words will show up on the bottom and the person talking. I did this with an Drake and Josh episode where she was in it and the name popped up!

What are all the names on drake and josh?

In Real life drake is called drake bell and on tv he is called drake Parker. In Real like josh is called josh peck and on tv he is called josh nichols. In real life Audrey [the mum] is called Nancy Sullivan and on tv she is called Audrey Parker In real life Walter [the dad] is called Jonathan goldst ( Full Answer )

Megan's real brother in drake and josh?

don't know what you mean. Miranda cosgrove plays Megan (Drake's real brother & Josh's stepbrother). she isn't either of their real brothers

What is the moms name in drake and josh?

Her name is Audrey Parker-Nichols. She is played by Nancy Sullivan, who started out on The Amanda Show, like Drake and Josh did.

Drake and joshs real names?

Drake Parker's real name is Drake Bell, Josh Nicholl's real name is Josh Peck. Hope that helped!

Where does Josh work in drake and Josh?

Tuesday-Saturday he works at a 7-11 rest of the week he part-times as sign spinner for various Verizon wireless stores in the city.

How old are Drake and Josh from Drake and Josh?

Drake Bell is 31 (born June 27, 1986). Josh Peck is 31 (born November 10, 1986). When they last played Drake Parker and Josh Nichols in 2008, they were 22 years old.

Why did the end the show Drake and Josh?

because they r in their 20's and are getting too old to be playing highschool kids.that or thhey just ran out of ideas ffor new episodes

What happend to drake after drake and josh?

Nothing much. In 2011, he starred in the tv movie on Nickelodeon called "Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner" and played Timmy. He also has a new song on iTunes called "Terrific".

What are the pranks that Megan Parker from drake and josh would do?

put hot sauce in the boys food and drink ..megan put dirt in josh brownies. megan put cream on josh hand. and glued josh but to the chair.megan gave josh icepop that explode.megan drop balloon of goo on josh head. megan glued drake and josh butts to the chair.megan sprayed drake and josh with a wate ( Full Answer )

How old was drake bell when he was in drake and josh?

Drake Bell was 17 years old (born June 27, 1986) when Drake & Josh first aired on January 11, 2004. He was 21 when the last regular show aired in September, 2007, and 22 when the Christmas special aired in December 2008.

How old was Drake Bell when he was on Drake and Josh?

Drake Bell was born June 27, 1986. He was 17 to 21 years old during the run of Drake & Josh (January 2004 to September 2007). He was 22 for the movie "Merry Christmas Drake & Josh" (December 2008).